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Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson Bristle & Nylon Brush Pocket Size

A pocket size (6-3/4"x2") bristle and nylon mixed brush that has 5 rings of stiff bristle and nylon mixed tufts. Recommended for use on normal hair.
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Brush Type:
  • Paddle
Bristle Material:
  • Nylon
  • Boar


Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair is soft and silky, brushed to a sheen, clean and fragrant,well cut and styled to flatter the face. And these assets are within the grasp of anyone who is prepared to work at a simple hair care routine. Nature determines the texture of your hair, its natural elasticity and growth rate. All the other qualities depend largely on how - and how often - you use a good hair brush and a shampoo.

Hair is plural

Although a single strand of hair is almost invisible to the naked eye, its not as fragile as you might expect. You have up to 150,000 hairs on your head:about 108,000 if your hair is black, 109,000 if your hair is brown, 140,000 if your hair blond, about 90,000 if your hair is red. Hairs grow and fall out in a continuing process. Even the most healthy head loses an average of thirty a day so don't be surprised if you see a few on your brush.

Help your hair to look its best

Brushing: Brushing the hair cleans and polishes it and stimulates the scalp all at once. And brushing is a wonderful conditioning treatment as it not only distributes oil along the entire hair shaft but gets rid of any scaly particles as well. This is the way to brush: ideally, bend from the waist. Brush from the scalp to the ends of the hair in long, slow, firm strokes, touching the scalp each time with the bristles of the brush. You'll find that a Mason Pearson glides more easily and smoothly through the hair, allowing you to lift your hair in wide curves. A Mason Pearson brush is designed so that every individual tuft penetrates right through to the scalp. Too hard a bristle would hack at your hair and scalp, too soft a bristle would slide ineffectively over your head.

Finish off each stroke by sliding the brush off the end of the hair. Now stand up straight and brush down from the top of the scalp. If you have two Mason Pearson brushes take one in each hand and brush as rapidly as you can for a really good hair and scalp tone-up.

Brushing is for all hair types.

Dry hair: Brushing activates the tiny oil glands at the case of each hair - so that they lubricate each hair shaft just enough for elasticity and bounce and there's no danger of hair being brittle, dry and difficult to manage.

Greasy hair: Brushing helps lift away excess oil from the hair shaft.

Dandruff: A Mason Pearson brush reaches every corner of the scalp and makes a thorough job of sweeping away the scales. Remember, never lend your brush or borrow one, and clean your brush often.

Use a brush to style your hair

The brush-out: When your hair is freshly set and dried, let your hair cool for a few minutes before unwinding the rollers. Then brush all your hair back, away from your face, and don't worry about taking out the curl.Brushing blends roller separations and gives your set more spring. Now arrange your hair the way you like it. Do you want the ends to turn under? Brush them over the side of your hand. Do want a flip? Please your hand against your head and brush your hair up over fingers.

Do you need a bit of height at the top? Tease the underneath hair very lightly, just close to the scalp; brush the top layer smoothly over the teased layer, and use a hair pin or a clip to lift your hair wherever the line needs rounding.

To blow-dry: Hold your brush in your left hand and a hand hairdryer in the right. Gradually work through the hair, section by section, making sure that one section is completely dry before moving on to the next.

Lift hair and brush through from root to just short of tip. Hold dryer at least four inches from hair and angle it so that air is always flowing down the length of the hair shaft.

Choosing your hairbrush

Mason Pearson have established a unique reputation for hairbrushes. The reason for this is partly in the design and partly in the versatility of the brushes. The design consists of unique spired tufts of boar bristle, or nylon,or bristle-and-nylon mixture, set in a pneumatic pad so that every tuft penetrates right through to the scalp. In addition the materials are first-class. Mason Pearson brushes are made in different sizes, materials, and colors, at a wide range of prices. There is one for every type of hair.

Boar bristle tufts: This material has the highest reputation for polishing and maintaining normal hair. Natural boar bristles are constructed like your own hair shafts and able to hold moisture - the better to lift away dirt and dust and distribute the natural oil from scalp. This brush is ideal for normal, fine or damaged hair.

Nylon tufts: A nylon brush is good for penetrating the most difficult hair.

Bristle and Nylon tufts: This mixture is a good combination fort hick or long hair. It is the ideal brush for anyone just becoming accustomed to brushing his or her hair.

Ladies hairbrushes: These are made in four sizes - Large,Medium, Handy and Pocket and are available in boar bristle, bristle-and-nylon mixture and nylon. Dark Ruby, Ivory White, Blue or Pink plastic backs are made in all sizes. Light natural wood backs are available models only. Your local Mason Pearson stockist will be happy to show you a price list and are presentative selection of brushes.

Men's hairbrushes: These military-style brushes incorporate the same exclusive features as the ladies hairbrushes - spired tufts and pneumatic pad. They are available in two sizes - large and medium, with a choice of boar bristles, nylon or bristle-and-nylon tufts. Colors: Dark Ruby, Ivory White or natural wood.


Cleaning your hairbrush

A special feature of several Mason Pearson Hairbrushes is the cleaning brush supplied free. This brush is used to clean both the pad and the bristles. Follow the cleaning instructions below and you will keep your Mason Pearson Hairbrush in first-class condition even after years of use.

Dry clean it frequently: Dead hair and scales from the scalp can clog the pad and bristles of your hairbrush.

  • Loosen 'wooven' strands of hair with a comb. Insert the comb at the sides of the brush as near to the pad as possible and follow round the whole circumference of the brush, raking the hair away.
  • Draw the special cleaning brush across the bristles from end to end.

Wash it occasionally: Grease, in contact with the rubber pad causes deterioration, and in such cases more frequent washing is advised.

  • Dry clean the brush as above.
  • Make a lather of lukewarm, soapy water. Do not use detergents or ammonia.
  • Dip the cleaning brush only in the suds and use it to brush the bristles of your hairbrush in the same way as for dry cleaning. Hold the hairbrush so that is is sloping downwards and no water can enter the little air hole at the end. This should never be blocked, either when cleaning or when the brush is in use.
  • Dip the cleaning brush in clean rinsing water and repeat brushing movement.
  • Shake hairbrush to remove moisture and leave to dry with handle uppermost and pad pointing downwards.

Never dry bristles with a towel.

Nylon hairbrushes are softened if they become excessively moist. In this case dry out the brush in an airing cupboard.

Important: Do not use oil or spirit on your brush as these destroy the rubber.

Care of the handle: For plastic handles to maintain their shape, do not boil in water or apply heat to them. Strong chemicals, notably nail varnish remover, can attack the surface or cause the plastic to sink. In addition, these can draw out the colored dyes and pigments from the plastic. For the wooden handles, all the forgoing applies. Also, the presence of water inside the hairbrush will cause the wood to swell and the coating to crack.

Hairdryers: These must be used with care. The extreme heat from these can warp the handle, melt the nylon and destroy the rubber.

Warnings & Precautions:

Good general care of the product will prolong its useful life.

  • Do not use it on applications for which it is not designed; for example, it is not designed to be used on animals.
  • It should not be left continuously in strong sunlight during a large part of its life. The ultra-violet light can perish the rubber and the heat can distort the handle.
  • Important: Do not use oils, spirits, solvents or other chemicals on your hairbrush. These can destroy the rubber. Oil-based preparations in many shampoos and conditioners used on the hair can do the same thing if they are allowed to accumulate on the brush.
  • Prolonged and direct heat from a hairdryer can damage your brush.
  • Our product is covered by a general manufacturer's warranty, but not for the wear and tear encountered in its normal working life or where the cleaning instructions have not been followed

Brand: Mason Pearson
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