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Marilyn Brush

Marilyn Ovali Pro Round Brush

Marilyn Ovali Pro Round Brush is two brushes in one!
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Brush Type:
  • Round
Barrel Material:
  • Ceramic
Bristle Material:
  • Boar
Brush Barrel Size:
  • 2 inch
  • 2 1/2 inch
  • 3 inch


Marilyn Ovali Pro Round Brush is two brushes in one! Use the flatter side for straight styling or the curve side for lifting and flipping the hair for more volume. Foam handle for a better grip.


  • Better styling in less time. The hourglass shape achieves full contact of the brush bristles with the hair and the scalp. This contact gives a much wider brushing area than the one obtained with regular brushes.
  • More control. The angle in the hourglass shape prevents hair from sliding out of the brush bristles during styling.
  • More volume. With the Marilyn brush a greater number of bristles reach the hair roots, stretching and pulling them up to the heat of the blow-dryer. The final hairdo is then full bodied.
  • Better finishing of hair ends. The middle area of the barrel has a smaller diameter than the ends of the barrel, allowing the hair ends to wrap around firmly. With this grip the hair ends are more controlled, offering better results in less time.
  • 100% natural boar bristles.
  • Eliminates carpel tunnel syndrome completely.
  • Holds all the hair in the bristling area - full tension.
  • Polishes, shines and smoothes the hair like no other brush.
  • Available in three sizes: 2 in, 2.5 in and 3 in
Brand: Marilyn Brush
Folica SKU: 008994
100% Guaranteed Authentic
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