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DENMAN Grooming Brush with Natural Bristle & Nylon Pins

The oval shaped DENMAN Grooming Brush features a single nylon quill surrounded by tufts of natural boar bristle, perfect for smoothing.
$11.99 - $15.99

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Brush Type:
  • Paddle
Bristle Material:
  • Boar



  • Nylon bristles penetrate and controls the style
  • Boar bristles provide polish and added shine
  • Soft, rubber, air-cushioned pad allows for gentle control
  • Ergonomic handle design for comfort
  • Hygienic and durable with resistance to heat
  • Ideal for detangling and grooming all types of long hair
  • Made in the United Kingdom

Available in 3 Sizes:

  • Small (D81S)
  • Medium (D81M)
  • Large (D81L)


Brush Care:

  1. Regularly remove loose hairs with a comb
  2. Wash occasionally in warm water ensuring that the air hole is covered
  3. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight

Folica SKU: 003453
Weight: 0.5 lb
100% Guaranteed Authentic
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