Brazilian Heat

Brazilian Heat Thermal Ceramic & Ion Brush

The Brazilian Heat Thermal Ceramic & Ion Brush is an anti-static brush that heats up fast and dries hair faster.
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Brush Type:
  • Round
Barrel Material:
  • Ceramic
Bristle Material:
  • Nylon
Brush Barrel Size:
  • Assorted
Styling Tool Technology:
  • Ionic
  • Static Free
  • Anti-Bacterial


The Brazilian Heat Thermal Ceramic & Ion Brush head has a changing color strip to alert stylists when the brush is at optimum heat for styling hair. This ion brush also prevents hair from static electricity while inhibiting bacteria growth ultimately leading to a healthy environment for styling with less damage to the hair.


  • Anti-static
  • Color strip changes color when optimum heat levels
  • Dries hair faster
  • Less damaging to hair
  • Ceramic inhibits bacteria growth
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100% Guaranteed Authentic
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