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FHI Heat Glamour Ceramic Round Textured Tapered Curling Cone

FHI Heat Glamour Curling Cone's unique textured barrel prevents slipping and provides more control, making gorgeous results in half the time.
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  • Overview
  • Creating glamorous waves, alluring curls and beautiful textures has never been easier with the FHI Heat Glamour Curling Rod and Cone. The unique textured barrel prevents slipping and provides more control, making gorgeous results in half the time. The exclusively designed thermal glove with silicone grip protects finger tips without losing dexterity.

    Model#: GL3001   /   SKU: 010234

  • Features
    • Tapered Curling Cone ½” – 1” is ideal for short to medium hair or layered hair allowing shorter strands to easily curl around the thinner barrel
    • Textured Barrel uses a diamond-shaped pattern that allows the hair to lightly grip the barrel and prevents it from sliding
    • Digital Temperature Control from 212°F - 410°F
    • Scratch resistant ceramic barrel infused with Tourmaline seal in vital moisture, repel humidity, reduce frizz and help eliminate static
    • Gentle Far Infrared Heat, and low EMF prevents damage to the hair to produce unmatched conditioning and shine
    • Ergonomically designed with a professional 9ft swivel cord that includes a self-gripping closure


    1. Start with clean, dry hair.
    2. Brush or comb hair; and part hair into sections before using the curling rod.
    3. Wear the styling glove on the hand that will be used to hold the tips of the hair while styling. (Do not hold or touch the curling rod with the styling glove for an extended amount of time.)
    4. Place the base of the curling rod handle near the root of the hair with the tip facing down.
    5. Wrap hair from the base of the curling rod barrel to the tip in a downward direction, holding the tips of the hair with gloved hand.
    6. Hold for 4-8 seconds; longer for more defined waves. Small sections of hair wrapped will create tighter curls. Large Sections of hair wrapped will create loose waves.
    7. Release hair from fingertips and slide the curling rod out of the hair.
    8. Repeat steps until hair is fully styled.

  • About the brand
  • Known for its dedication to new product development, FHI delivers professional quality and innovative hair care tools. Since 2003, FHI is committed to developing the best performing tools.

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