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EVE Micro Sonic Care

The Eve Micro Sonic Care is an amazing in-shower device with 4D effects to stimulate and cleanse the skin while getting rid of unwanted blackheads.
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The difference between good and original skin is in the pores. The EVE Micro Sonic Care provides 4D Effect to bring out your amazing skin. This device uses AAA battery for convenience (no charging station) and comes with one cleanser head and one foundation puffer.

4D Effect:
1. Stimulus: Soft Micro-Bristles stimulates and cleanses the pores thoroughly until skin is left smooth and soft.
2. Time: Cleanse skin easily without the bothersome daily rituals with this 1-minute care.
3. Pores: Get rid of unwanted blackheads and transform pores into a clean, smooth, porcelain-like skin.
4. Wastes: Gets rid of invisible dirt and grime by deep cleansing skin.

Micro-bristles are processed thin, an average of 0.008mm, which will reach all of the hidden dirt and waste in the skin
Made with more than 97,000 Elastic Micr-bristles for gentle cleansing of the skin
Infused with anti-bacterial treatment for hygenic use
4D Motion - top, bottom, left and right vibration technology has been certified by patent
Water resistant for usage in the shower
No slippage with its ergonomic, curvy design
Mount battery does not require a separate charging station

Smart Cleansing & Massage using 4D Motion
Patend holding up-down vibration and left-right rotation combine to give 4D motion.
Sonic vibration at 18,000/min
Up-down vibration of the brush helps in deep cleansing and masssages the skin through gentle tapping.
15 degree angle, left-right rotating brush cleans pore's sebum and impurities and provides excellend collagen care
Micro-bristle brush ensures mild but deep cleansing
Water resistant function allow for use in the shower

Deep cleansing - through vibration and rotation residue and impurities from make-up are removed
Collage care and management - continuous deep pore cleansing through soft and flexible micro-bristles movement helps in care and maintenance of collagen.
Pore care and management - Through collagen management and deep cleansing soft and transparent skin is achieved
Sebum Control - Sebum around nose is regularly cleaned by regular vibration and rotation.
Massage effect - Product's gentle vibration helps maintain skin vitality and elasticity.
Make-up - 3D Motion has close adhesion power, so it helps in delicate make-up application.

Step 1: Moisten face and the brush with tepid water. Apply generous amount of cleansing product onto the brush.
Step 2: Push the power button
Step 3: using EVE Micro Sonic Care, clean each cheek, nose, chin, lips and forehead for about 15 seconds in that order. Rinse face with warm water.

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