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Blade Buddy

Blade Buddy

Tired of Overspending on Razor Blades? Blade Buddy is the answer!
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Keep your blades sharp for months! Blade Buddy maintains the sharpness of your razor blades, so one blade gives you a close, comfortable shave for months, instead of days. Every time you shave, the wafer thin edge of your razor blade gets microscopically bent. Gliding your razor up the Blade Buddy’s micro-honing grooved surface straightens the edge back into alignment, restoring the sharpness of your blade.


  • Save money: The average consumer spends hundreds of dollars a year on razor blades. By extending the life of a blade from days to months, Blade Buddy reduces this amount significantly
  • Reduce waste: Two billion razor blades and their packaging are thrown out each year, resulting in two million pounds of plastic waste. Blade Buddy significantly minimizes the amount you throw away.
  • Shave smarter: Replacing razor blades after a few shaves is costly and wasteful. Save money, reduce waste and eliminate nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hair caused by dull razor blades.


  • Before shaving, lubricate Blade Buddy with a thin layer of shaving cream.
  • Set razor blades flat on three arrows and push forward with moderate speed and light pressure.
  • Lift razor and repeat 15-20 times, keeping the pad lubricated.

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