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Supernail Fungi-Cide

A highly effective and remarkably convenient treatment for common fungus infection of finger and toe areas including infected skin around nails.
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Isopropanol, N-Methylpyrrolidone, Glycol Ether, Isoparafin, Cyclomethicone,Chloroxlenol, Tolnaftate, Benzocaine, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E.




A highly effective and remarkably convenient treatment for common fungus infection of finger and toe areas including infected skin around nails.


For effective treatment of common fungus infections including tinea corpus (ringworm) and tinea pedis (athlete's foot) that occur on the fingers and toes. Fungi-Cide relieves the fungus itching, burning and irritation. Fungi-Cide will not cause lifting of artificial nails.

What is fungus infection of the finger and toe areas?
General speaking, common fungus infections of the finger and toe areas (topical infections) are caused by a variety of fungi: actual living organisms (members of the yeast and mold family) which exist in varying degrees, at all times in nature, and tend to thrive in dark, damp and moist conditions... in the soil... on animals as well as humans. These organisms may penetrate the skin's surface through even the smallest crack or tear, may be spread among humans. Once infection starts, spreading may occur among body parts... one toe to another... or finger to finger. There are a number of specific types, each of which can potentially infect body tissue and proceed to grow unless treated appropriately with an effective anti-fungal medicine. Common topical fungi infective generally fall into three categories: microsporum (hair and skin), epidermophyton (skin and nails), and trichophton (hair, skin and nails). Among them the more common fungi is E. floccosum which can cause ringworm infection and affects the body, hands and feet, on and in between the fingers including the skin around the fingernails, also T. rubrum and T. mentagrophytes which can cause athlete's foot and infect the feet, on and between the toes including the skin around toenails. Often such infections develop slowly and may be difficult to treat if not attended to promptly.

How do you know if you have a topical fungus infections?
Some topical fungal infections may present themselves on the skin as ringlike formations with clear centers, commonly referred to as ringworm. Other such infections, when in the finger and toe areas are often characterized by scaling of skin, burning, cracking, itching and related discomforts. When nails become infected they may appear to become opaque (cloudy white), thickened, brittle, friable (easily broken) and in some cases, discolored (greenish/brown).

Note: If you believe you may have any type of fungus infection, do not delay consulting a doctor for advice. You may wish to show him/her Fungi-Cide and discuss its use.

How Fungi-Cide works
Fungi-Cide penetrate the surface quickly to destroy fungus at the site of infection. Fungi-Cide helps relieve associated burning, itching and discomforts, by eliminating the fungus and allowing healthy skin to regrow. The Tolnaftate in Fungi-Cide is widely recognized for treating fungus infections such as E. floccosum, T. mentagrophytes, and T. rubrum, which are know to cause topical infections of the body, hands and feet, on and between the fingers and toes including the skin around the nails. The Aloe Vera and Vitamin E is widely proven to help heal the skin and allow healthy skin to regorw. Benzocaine is proven to help relieve the associated pain and discomfort caused by the fungus.


Shake well before using. Cleanse affected area with soap and water. Dry thoroughly, apply a thin layer over affected area morning and night. Allow to dry. For athletes foot, pay special attention to the spaces between toes.

Brand: Supernail
Folica SKU: F8239
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Most Helpful Reviews

This Works.

I recommend applying this product to clean, dry nails and don't just treat individual problem area...treat all 10 toe nails. I have completely healed the fungus on my left big toe and grown a new toe… Read More

Mar 26, 2010
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I used this product for over a year and also used clean socks and it took away the thick toenails on both feet. You have to be persisrent and use daily. I used mine sometimes twice a day morning and night. I have looked for this product for over a year just to use to keep it away and just thought to look on line. I did also try to wear new shoes more and toss the old ones because I was told you could carry the fungus in your shoes. Well it all worked and it has been over 4 years ago. Good l… Read More

Rita P. Mar 17, 2014

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