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Eye Makeup

Have a look at our eye-catching Eye Makeup to line, highlight and define your lids and lashes.

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  • Mehaz Retractable Eyelash Comb

    Mehaz Retractable Eyelash Comb has gold plated metal teeth glide through eyelashes separating each hair.

    Old Price: $11.99 New Price: $6.00
    49% OFF
  • Ardell Lashfree Remover 0.2 oz.

    Ardell Lashfree Remover is a must for every individual eyelash wearer. LashFree Remover quickly dissolves adhesives in the safest, easiest way.

    Old Price: $2.95 New Price: $1.48
    49% OFF
  • The BrowGal Tweezer Sharpeners

    The sharpeners are a necessary component in removing the makeup, skin, and dirt that may gather on your tweezers, so that your tweezers remain a more efficient tool for a longer time.

    Old Price: $4.00 New Price: $2.00
    50% OFF
  • Revitalash Spotlight Highlighting Pencil

    Revitalash Spotlight Highlighting Pencil helps enhance your brow bones or cheek bones with subtle illumination.

    Old Price: $24.00 New Price: $12.00
    50% OFF
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