Let the Black Friday madness begin
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  • #quick fix / #special pricing

    clean+easy Personal Roll-On Waxer is a home version of our professional waxing spa.

    Old Price: $32.95 New Price: $29.64
  • #special pricing / #100% natural

    For use on all skin types. Natural wax based on pine resin and beeswax.

    Old Price: $14.99 New Price: $13.49
  • #must-have / #quick fix

    A post-depilatory cleansing oil, for removing wax residue. Provides fast, penetrating moisture while cleansing. Can also be used to clean and maintain roll-on applicators.

    Old Price: $11.99 New Price: $9.99
  • #DIY / #coarse hair

    A very delicate, creamy depilatory wax. Created to work well on short, coarse, stubborn hair and normal to very sensitive skin.

    Old Price: $14.99 New Price: $12.99
  • #DIY / #travel

    clean + easy Facial Strip Wax will create silky, smooth, and hair-free skin up to 8 weeks!

    Old Price: $5.99 New Price: $4.49
  • #special pricing / #eco-friendly

    Shobha Denim Strips is a packet of 6 cotton strips.

    Old Price: $6.00 New Price: $4.99
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