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    • #buzzworthy / #hydrating

      dpHUE Cool Blonde Conditioner uses violet pigments to tone and brighten blonde, gray and white hair, neutralizing yellow tones and reducing brassiness while leaving your hair shiny and conditioned.

      New Price: $24.00
    • #trending / #vitamin E

      Say goodbye to dry, dull and coarse hair. Our dpHUE Hydrate Conditioner is enhanced with natural plant extracts to leave your hair shiny, manageable, moisutrized and tangle free.

      New Price: $24.00
    • #great value / #normal hair

      Style 101 Wildcat Deluxe 1" ceramic styling iron straightens, waves or curls with ease.

      New Price: $99.00
    • #blowout / #smoothing

      Hot Tools Hot Brush Styler with a 1" soft silicone ceramic barrel gently style hair, minimizing breakage.

      New Price: $50.00
    • #teasing / #next-day hair

      The weather outside might turn frightful, but your hair will be absolutely delightful with our College Reunion Bundle, handpicked by Folica’s editors.

      Old Price: $53.50 New Price: $48.14
    • #must-have / #overachiever

      Maybe they live near the beach, maybe they don’t. Either way, this is the ultimate gift for the most gorgeous, beach wavy hair.

      Old Price: $315.00 New Price: $283.49
    • #trending / #vibrant

      Because last week she came to brunch as a brunette and then yesterday showed up at yoga with teal streaks.

      Old Price: $69.00 New Price: $62.09
    • #great value / #all hair types

      You see each other Monday to Friday, so you know her hair needs some fabulous new essentials.

      Old Price: $69.99 New Price: $62.98
    • #secret weapon / #bold

      You dread shopping for this in-the-know gal because she’s been there, done that. She will flip over this hair bundle and you can pat yourself on the back for being the one to give it to her.

      Old Price: $58.00 New Price: $52.19
    • #cult following / #great value

      Because she’s been using the same hair dryer since Friends was on primetime television.

      Old Price: $242.99 New Price: $218.68
    • #quick fix / #all hair types

      You’ll have a hard time keeping your mouth shut because this will for sure be the best gift in the bunch.

      Old Price: $46.00 New Price: $41.39
    • #must-have / #stylist fav

      He might not be giving you anything this holiday season, but it’ll feel rewarding to see the smile this gift set brings to his bearded face.

      Old Price: $46.00 New Price: $41.39
    • #fine hair / #volume

      Introduce the greenest girl in your life to the best all natural hair products, before she mashes any more avocados on her head.

      Old Price: $89.00 New Price: $80.09
    • #must-have / #color enhancing

      Whether you envy or adore her gorgeous blonde locks, help her keep her strands looking bright with the perfect products for her hue.

      Old Price: $78.00 New Price: $70.19
    • #matte finish / #texturizing

      Folica Hair Math: Short 'N Spunky

      Old Price: $99.00 New Price: $90.00
    • #stay-put braids / #up-dos

      The challah bread won’t be the only gorgeous braid at this year’s festival of lights. Really wow your family with a different braid all eight nights!

      Old Price: $97.00 New Price: $87.29
    • #top 10 / #full body waves

      1907 Copper Thermal Round Brush heats hair 30% faster with rapid and even heat distribution.

      New Price: $15.99 - $19.99
    • #secret weapon / #texturizing

      His wish list may have a PS4 and new clubs on it, but you know what he really needs, and he’ll adore you even more for keeping his hair on point and his face looking fresh.

      Old Price: $57.00 New Price: $51.29
    • #stylist fav / #curl care

      Folica Hair Math: Amped Up Curls

      Old Price: $76.00 New Price: $68.00
    • #multi-textured hair / #diffuser

      HAI Elite Big Power Hair Dryer with advanced Tourmaline Ceramic fusion technology dries hair super fast while reducing frizz. This 1875 watt dryer is charged with negative ions to keep hair healthy and hydrated. Includes curl diffuser and concentrator attachment

      New Price: $169.99
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