Summer Essentials

Shampoos, conditioners and hair styling for summer perfect hair

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  • TRISWIM 8oz Chlorine-Out Shampoo

    TRISWIM 8oz Chlorine-Out Shampoo

    AS SEEN IN Self Magazine June 2010! TRISWIM 8oz Chlorine-Out Shampoo removes the Chlorine chemical and ordor and eliminates the "greenish tint" caused by Copper.

    New Price: $9.99
  • Day at the Beach Essentials Kit

    Day at the Beach Essentials Kit

    Enjoy a Day at the Beach with this essentials kit that includes Alterna Bamboo Beach Spray and The Wet Brush to detangle, protect and moisturize hair.

    New Price: $39.95
  • Pool Lover's Essentials Kit

    Pool Lover's Essentials Kit

    The Pool Lover's Essentials kit keeps your skin and hair soft and protected before, during and after a day at the pool.

    New Price: $44.95
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