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  • #color safe / #sulfate-free

    Mitch Stone Essentials Lustre Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is color safe, sulfate free and also contains Keratin for healthy, shiny and lustrous hair.

    Old Price: $36.00 New Price: $34.00
  • #airdry / #apple cider vinegar

    Folica Hair Math: So Fresh, So Clean!

    Old Price: $129.99 New Price: $116.98
  • #color enhancing / #UV protection

    Bain de Terre Passion Flower Color Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is specially designed to get your hair back on track and keep it looking healthy, restored and beautiful.

    Old Price: $43.00 New Price: $40.00
  • #addictive / #essentials

    Crack Shampoo and Conditioner Duo helps reduce breakage and improves texture with de-aging nutrients to restore youthful shine.

    Old Price: $40.00 New Price: $38.00
  • #smoothing / #argan oil

    Nth Degree + fave4: Sleek & Shiny

    Old Price: $60.00 New Price: $48.00
  • #secret weapon / #essentials

    Folica Hair Math: Volume For Days

    Old Price: $109.00 New Price: $98.09
  • #natural growth / #antioxidants

    Lasio Hyper Silk Color Treated Shampoo Conditioner Duo is a sodium chloride free duo designed to prolong the life of a keratin treatment and protect color-treated hair.

    Old Price: $54.00 New Price: $50.00
  • #addictive / #trending

    Folica Hair Math: Bombshell Blowout

    Old Price: $89.99 New Price: $80.98
  • #folica steal / #botanical extracts

    Feel the plumpness after just one use with the Nick Chavez Plump N Thick Shampoo and Conditioner duo.

    Old Price: $42.00 New Price: $40.00
  • #rootlifting / #weightless

    Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo and Conditioner Duo with Hair Plumping Complex amplifies the diameter of each strand to visibly lift from roots to ends.

    Old Price: $40.00 New Price: $38.00
  • #buzzworthy / #100% natural

    Beard maintenance can be as tricky as finding the perfect gift. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Chances are, the bearded man in your life has exactly one beard-related accessory. Help him pamper his whiskers and accessorize his scruff.

    Old Price: $109.99 New Price: $98.99
  • #detangling / #jojoba

    The Mason Pearson Nylon Pocket Brush + Leonor Greyl Eclat Styling Cream Luxury Duo, perfectly paired together by Folica's Editors for the ultimate hair styling experience.

    Old Price: $114.00 New Price: $102.00
  • #detox / #color enhancing

    The Fekkai Salon Technician Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner Duo protects and preserves color along the cuticle. Hair is shielded to stay salon vibrant.

    Old Price: $50.00 New Price: $48.00
  • #trending / #all-in-one

    Folica Hair Math: Beachy Waves

    Old Price: $95.00 New Price: $85.00
  • #clarifying / #detox

    Theorie Green Tea Shampoo and Conditioner Duo is formulated with special ingredients that deeply moisturize and repair dry and damaged hair from within while removing unwanted build up and impurities.

    Old Price: $68.00 New Price: $60.00
  • #award-winning / #beard care

    Finding the perfect gift can be a tricky labor of love. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. As charming as stubble may be, there are times when a man is at his best when cleanly shaven. Go the functional route and give him something you’ll know you’ll catch him using! This kit is sure to turn his dreaded shave into pleasant morning routine.

    Old Price: $64.50 New Price: $58.04
  • #buzzworthy / #great value

    SPECIAL INTRODUCTION PRICE Illumai 3 Step System, a new, luxury haircare system that links patented scientific research together with the natural systems of the hair and skin to create absolutely beautiful benefits and results for every type, color and kind of hair.

    Old Price: $82.00 New Price: $74.00
  • #stylist fav / #curl care

    Folica Hair Math: Amped Up Curls

    Old Price: $79.90 New Price: $71.90
  • #strengthens / #olive oil

    The Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner Duo polishes hair with lustrous radiance. Dull hair is soft, supple, free of frizz and nurtured to shine.

    Old Price: $40.00 New Price: $38.00
  • #overachiever / #texturizing

    Nth Degree + fave4 + FATBOY: Short Hair

    Old Price: $75.00 New Price: $68.00
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