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  • #classic curls / #beachy waves

    The secret to Caruso Steam Hairsetters is in the Setting Rollers. Available in 5 sizes for maximum styling versatility. 6-rollers pack each size.

    Old Price: $15.50 New Price: $10.00
  • #rootlifting / #volume

    blowpro Faux Dry Dry Shampoo instantly absorbs natural oils and prolongs style without water!

    Old Price: $20.00 New Price: $16.00
  • #secret weapon / #smoothing

    CHI Keratin Leave in Conditioner is a unique reconstructing leave in treatment designed to infuse damaged hair with a powerful dose of natural keratin.

    Old Price: $14.50 New Price: $12.00
  • #smoothing / #color safe

    L'ANZA Leave-In Conditioner is a gentle,deep conditioner that restores balance to hair and scalp.

    Old Price: $15.00 New Price: $12.00
  • #weightless / #detangling

    L'ANZA Healing Moisture Noni Fruit Leave-in Conditioner

    Old Price: $26.00 New Price: $17.00
  • #volume / #shine

    Alterna's limited edition Bamboo "Blowout Essentials" kits are the perfect encore to a fabulous blowout.

    Old Price: $54.00 New Price: $40.00
  • #colored hair / #repairing

    The power of the BLNDN trio, with the addition of TONE YOU, makes this the perfect intro kit to the BLNDN line to keep your locks soft, strong, and their blondest self.

    Old Price: $123.00 New Price: $110.00
  • #next-day hair / #all-in-one

    blowpro Get Blown Away Professional After Blowout Care Kit contains everything you need to keep your blowout looking fabulous for days!

    Old Price: $29.00 New Price: $21.75
  • #glossing / #heat protection

    Never go without smooth, silky locks with the CHI Infra Travel Kit that's FAA compliant.

    Old Price: $15.00 New Price: $12.00
  • #special pricing / #strengthens

    The Essential system is your complete 3-step plan for stronger, healthier, more beautiful hair. Simple, smart and naturally-derived, each clean-formula product works together to care for your biome. And that means better hair with every wash, no matter what your hair type. Simply 7 ingredients and zero harsh chemicals. Join the fans of healthy beauty and reveal your true brilliance - it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

    Old Price: $84.00 New Price: $77.00
  • #UV protection / #shine

    Discover the Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Collection with technologically advanced Active Oxygen Therapy to harness the true power of Moroccan Argan Oil.

    Old Price: $24.99 New Price: $17.49
  • #shine / #paraben-free

    Ouidad Curl Recovery Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil

    Old Price: $26.00 New Price: $23.25
  • #curly hair / #clarifying

    Ouidad VitalCurl Clear & Gentle Shampoo, formulated with a low pH, preserves and protects curls' delicate moisture balance.

    Old Price: $18.00 New Price: $14.00
  • #coarse hair / #hydrating

    Ouidad Curl Quencher Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream

    Old Price: $26.00 New Price: $23.25
  • #shine / #clarifying

    Ouidad Curl Immersion Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner

    Old Price: $36.00 New Price: $30.00
  • #volume / #next-day hair

    No-Poo Quick Cleanser is a botanically infused conditioning spray that cleanses without water.

    Old Price: $19.95 New Price: $14.50
  • #made in USA / #detangling

    Ouidad VitalCurl Balancing Rinse Conditioner

    Old Price: $20.00 New Price: $18.00
  • #classic curls / #shine

    Calling Curly Q's! SoCozy's Curl Shampoo is a gentle cleanser that removes dirt and buildup while reinforcing and preserving curls’ natural moisture balance. This ultra-hydrating cleanser was formulated to reduce breakage and improve elasticity - won’t strip away moisture or natural oils.

    Old Price: $12.95 New Price: $11.00
  • #hydrating / #workable hold

    Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Styling Gel

    Old Price: $26.00 New Price: $23.00
  • #shine / #scalp care

    Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner

    Old Price: $26.00 New Price: $23.25
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