Let the Black Friday madness begin
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  • #all-in-one / #rejuvenating

    Because she’s always traveling, but you noticed in her last Instagram post, she’s been using the hotel hair dryers far too long.

    Old Price: $44.99 New Price: $44.98
  • #buzzworthy / #classic

    This gift bundle will have her telling everyone how amazing it is (and hopefully she’ll give you credit for your gift giving skills).

    Old Price: $298.00 New Price: $268.19
  • #secret weapon / #texturizing

    His wish list may have a PS4 and new clubs on it, but you know what he really needs, and he’ll adore you even more for keeping his hair on point and his face looking fresh.

    Old Price: $57.00 New Price: $51.29
  • #secret weapon / #essentials

    Folica Hair Math: Volume For Days

    Old Price: $113.00 New Price: $100.00
  • #mom-approved / #100% natural

    While they may be the cool kids, these adorably pampering products will have them thinking you're even cooler (ok, for an adult).

    Old Price: $43.99 New Price: $39.58
  • #secret weapon / #bold

    You dread shopping for this in-the-know gal because she’s been there, done that. She will flip over this hair bundle and you can pat yourself on the back for being the one to give it to her.

    Old Price: $58.00 New Price: $52.19
  • #addictive / #trending

    Folica Hair Math: Bombshell Blowout

    Old Price: $91.00 New Price: $82.00
  • #quick fix / #next-day hair

    Staying in shape is important to her, so make sure she’s well equipped with the best hair products for her workout routine.

    Old Price: $35.98 New Price: $32.37
  • #overachiever / #must-have

    Maybe they live near the beach, maybe they don’t. Either way, this is the ultimate gift for the most gorgeous, beach wavy hair.

    Old Price: $315.00 New Price: $283.49
  • #great value / #thickening

    Because he literally does not want another tie this year. He can’t even pretend to like them, so wow him with the gift of handsome hair.

    Old Price: $38.49 New Price: $34.63
  • #fine hair / #volume

    Introduce the greenest girl in your life to the best all natural hair products, before she mashes any more avocados on her head.

    Old Price: $89.00 New Price: $80.09
  • #great value / #all hair types

    You see each other Monday to Friday, so you know her hair needs some fabulous new essentials.

    Old Price: $69.99 New Price: $62.98
  • #trending / #all-in-one

    Folica Hair Math: Beachy Waves

    Old Price: $95.00 New Price: $85.00
  • #quick fix / #vegan

    Because her #iwokeuplikethis hair is sometimes a hit or miss, you’re probably right that she doesn’t own a hairbrush.

    Old Price: $67.39 New Price: $60.64
  • #botanical extracts

    Because you share a bathroom, give your roomie the products you want to use, too!”

    Old Price: $62.99 New Price: $56.68
  • #stylist fav / #must-have

    He might not be giving you anything this holiday season, but it’ll feel rewarding to see the smile this gift set brings to his bearded face.

    Old Price: $46.00 New Price: $41.39
  • #stylist fav / #curl care

    Folica Hair Math: Amped Up Curls

    Old Price: $76.00 New Price: $68.00
  • #trade secret / #weightless

    Because your Mother’s Day gift sucked and she deserves better, prove your appreciation with the gift of gorgeous hair.

    Old Price: $172.98 New Price: $155.67
  • #editors' pick / #must-have

    Because sometimes her curls may be hard to tame, these curly girl must-haves will ensure her good hair days outweigh her bad.

    Old Price: $80.75 New Price: $72.66
  • #luxury / #classic

    The Mason Pearson Sensitive Bristle Brush + Leonor Greyl Mousse Au Lotus Volumatrice Mousse Luxury Duo, perfectly paired together by Folica Editors for the ultimate hair styling experience.

    Old Price: $246.00 New Price: $222.00
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