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Normal Hair

Even normal hair requires pampering products to keep in tip-top condition. The solutions on this page are designed to do just that, and can be used to maintain everyday brilliance or enhance your hair with an eye-grabbing finish. These are the very best hair products on the market, and are sure to make even a normal head of hair stand out from the crowd.

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  • Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo - Aerosol

    Oscar Blandi Pronto is a dry shampoo that refreshes, revives and rejuvenates hair in a matter of minutes?no water or blow dryer required.

    New Price: $23.00
  • DevaCare Low-Poo Cleanser

    DevaCare Low-Poo Cleanser is a mild lathering cleanser for chemically dehydrated hair.

    New Price: $19.95
  • Rusk Mousse Maximum Volume and Control

    Rusk Mousse Maximum Volume and Control is light, foamy and highly concenrated for maximum volume, body and control.

    New Price: $13.00
  • Rusk Jele Gloss Body and Shine Lotion 13.5 oz.

    Rusk Jele Gloss Body and Shine Lotion is a versatile light-hold lotion that refines, shines and bodifies.

    New Price: $13.00
  • CHI Pliable Polish

    CHI Pliable Polish Weightless Styling Pasteallows you to move the hair in any direction. It also adds a weightless shine, and can be re-activated with heat for any necessary styling touch ups later on.

    New Price: $16.00
  • Mason Pearson Popular Bristle & Nylon Brush

    A large size (9"x3") bristle and nylon mixed brush that has 8 rings of stiff bristle and nylon mixed tufts. Recommended for use on normal hair.

    New Price: $205.00
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