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Curly Hair

Pamper your curls with any one of these products specifically tailored for use in curly hair. Our curly hair solutions are ideal for anyone seeking to moisturize, repair or manage their curls. So start celebrating your lively head of curls by checking out our very best products for curly hair!

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  • DevaCurl Dryer and DevaFuser

    Never flip your head over to dry those curls again. The DevaSun Dryer combined with the DevaFuser produces 6 times more negative ions than any other negative ion dryer in the world.

    New Price: $159.95
  • therapy-m SuperStraight Straightening Shampoo

    Specially formulated to straighten and smooth waves and curls, add volume, super shine and softness, eliminate frizz on curly hair styles.

    New Price: $10.25
  • ApHogee Mousse for Relaxed Hair

    ApHogee Styling Mousse for Relaxed Hair is alcohol free, non-sticky and formulated to add shine and body to chemically treated hair. It enhances color, providing a superb, light to medium hold and is flake free. Clean rinse formula prevents build up.

    New Price: $7.00
  • diCesare Focus Waterless Conditioner

    diCesare Focus Waterless Conditioner is a dry conditioner that provides easy combing, helps resist color fade, and prevents damage all without water.

    Old Price: $21.50 New Price: $16.99
    20% OFF
  • Paul Brown Hawaii Stay Straight Conditioner

    Stay Straight Anti-Frizz Smoothing Conditioner was formulated by Paul Brown Hawaii to help smooth curls and frizz.

    Old Price: $25.95 New Price: $15.00
    42% OFF
  • CurlFriends Purify Clarifying Shampoo

    Clarify your curls with Curlfriends Purify Clarifying Shampoo. Use once a week to detoxify, clarify, eliminate frizz, and dramatically improve the health of your curls.

    New Price: $10.95
  • DevaCurl Mist-er Right

    DevaCurl Mist-er Right is an herbal cleansing tonic, a refreshing scalp and skin rejuvenator.

    New Price: $19.95
  • TRESemme 4+4 Super Mousse 10.5 oz.

    TRESemme 4+4 Super Mousse uses a lightweight formula with maximum hold. Provides manageabilty and shine without weighing hair down.

    New Price: $5.99
  • hair rules Kinky Curling Cream 8 oz.

    hair rules Kinky Curling Cream transforms spongy 'fro and kinks into bouncy, luscious spirals, simply and effortlessly.

    New Price: $18.00
  • Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme

    Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme is the ultimate for growing out natural hair and preventing peppercorn tangled knotted ends.

    New Price: $9.00 - $32.00
  • got2b Kinky Curl Defining Curling Mousse

    Add styles to your curls and kick them into shape with this curl defining mousse. Get weightless control over those frizzes while adding manageability and shine. Define em, twist em, scrunch em - just get kinky!

    Old Price: $5.99 New Price: $3.89
    35% OFF
  • Miss Jessie's Unscented Curly Pudding

    Miss Jessie's Unscented Curly Pudding transforms shrunken kinks into super shiny stretched out curls. New unscented formula is perfect for the "sniffer sensitive".

    New Price: $7.00 - $22.00
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