Joewell Black Cobalt 5.5"

A shift in the Ultimate Cutting Paradigm. As signified by the Cobalt Based Alloy, the Cobalt Series raises the bar for high-performance shears in virtually ever...
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  • 5 Star Rating
    Who Would Buy These Shears Unless You Are A Professional?
    I don't find the prior review helpful at all. Unless you are a professional, you have NO IDEA whether shears are good or not. I can see why you think that household "scissiors" are just as good as these $400 haircutting shears -- you have no idea what you are doing.
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    posted Jul 3, 2012
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  • Hair
    Medium Brown
    Normal Hair
    2 Star Rating
    Uh, I Suggest A Not.
    So i bought this a few weeks ago, and it came in today. I cut my bangs, and I can honestly say it did a good job. But then I grabbed another regular pair of house-hold scissors and did the SAME EXACT JOB. Don't waste you money on a $400 pair of scissors. I will return these at ONCE!
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    posted Apr 20, 2011
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