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Sedu Revolution 7 Piece Essential Kit

This 7 piece professional styling set equips you to be your own pro stylist right at home. The 7 piece set includes tools specifically selected for use with Sedu styling irons, including: 3 expandable hair clips, 1 styling comb, 1 paddle brush, 1 travel case and 1 detachable heat proof mat. The convenient travel case provides just the right amount of storage for your iron and favorite styling tools.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • This 7 piece professional styling set has the tools you need to be your own professional stylist at home. This 7 piece set allows you to create a variety of styles and looks at home or on the go.

    The set contains:

    • 3 non-slip expandable clips
    • Fine tooth comb
    • Heat proof travel case
    • Detachable heat proof mat
    • Wide flat paddle brush

    SKU: 002859

  • Features

    • 3 non-slip expandable clips which allow you to hold your hair more easily while straightening and styling other sections
    • Fine tooth comb with handle which detangles hair, insuring even hair distribution while straightening and styling
    • Heat proof travel case to store and protect your accessories while on the road
    • Detachable heat proof mat to protect countertops and other surfaces from any heat damage while using your styling iron
    • Wide flat paddle brush to provide finishing touches for that perfect straight, smooth look and massages the scalp, increasing circulation 
  • About the brand
  • Sedu is a world-renowned beauty brand with a reputation for unsurpassed quality and reliability. Its hair styling tools have always been developed with a focus on long-term maintenance of healthy hair. Each Sedu product is designed with the professional stylist in mind and features only the essentials, striking the perfect balance between high performance and effortless results.

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  • Couldnt Get A Better Deal 5 Star Rating
    I just purchased off of folicaVIP tried to leave a review there but I couldn't so here it is I bought 2 sets just because its a great deal I love the pouch with the heat resistant mat. All sedu products are very soft touch items I needed everything that came in this colletion very useful I don't think I would purchase it for 40 bucks but u know we can always get a great deal on folica. Love the pladdle brush and pouch plus mat awsome items hope y'all enjoy too...

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    / TX
    Dark Brown / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Nice But Not Worth 40$ 4 Star Rating
    I got this set with my Sedu Flat iron purchase, It said 40$ value. The clips are a necessity. The comb is really nice and sturdy, it isn't flimsy like other combs it's very well made. The case is also really nice I use only the mat part because it's a little difficult to get the iron and cord all wound up nicely inside. The hair brush I don;t really care for, ended up using as a fur brush for my collie. I just don't like big bulky brushes.

    Bottom line I liked how it came free with my iron it was a really nice addition to the 129.99 I paid. (Which at the time I thought was alot for an iron, but I LOVE my flat iron so it was worth the price!) But buying the set separate for 40$ isn't worth it.

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    / Fairmont, WV
    Color Treated Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Nice Kit 4 Star Rating
    I bought this kit and i think usually folica has great prices but i have seen this somewhat cheaper and i wish i got this free with my iron instead of the mini iron i don't use much. I really like the pouch to put my iron in and i like the hair brush. I don't use the other items much. It's a little pricey but I do like this kit since I love my sedu iron.

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    / Long Island, Ny
    Medium Brown / Color Treated Hair
  • Great!!! 5 Star Rating
    I got this as a free gift, and it is great! Tottaly worth $40 too though :)

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    / Alvin Tx
  • Comes In Handy! 5 Star Rating
    I got this free as a gist with my purchase and I love it! I use everything it comes with and have no problems with anything. Very good quality. I'm going to buy as a gift for family members.

    Was this review helpful?

    / California
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