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John Frieda

John Frieda Smooth Waves Hair Setter

John Frieda Smooth Waves Hair Setter creates beautiful curls with ease and convenience.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • John Frieda Smooth Waves Hair Setter creates beautiful curls with ease and convenience.

    Model#: JFHS5   /   SKU: 008406

  • Features
    • 5 jumbo rollers with advanced ionic conditioning
    • Rollers are 2 inches in diameter
    • Fast heat up in 2 minutes
    • True ionic generator and titanium ceramic flocked rollers
    • Up to 50% more ions
    • High/low/off variable temperature and 5 easy-to-use butterfly clips
    • Storage pouch included
  • About the brand
  • John Frieda opened his first salon on New Cavendish Street in London three decades ago. Today, his brands are favorites of celebrities, beauty experts and consumers worldwide. Frieda's team of celebrity stylists, known as the "House of Experts", has lead the company's development of new products and maintained a finger on the pulse of the newest hair trends.

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  • Broken Cheap Clips 1 Star Rating
    The clips that come with this set are very cheap flimsy plastic. One arrived already broken. I guess I am looking for a better quality set.

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  • Great Sized Rollers, Bad Clips! 1 Star Rating
    I was really excited to see this large of a size in hot rollers. I have shoulder length hair and have always worn it under at the ends. When I got these rollers and did not see any WIRE clips (not the plastic ones that came with the set. I hoped for the best, but I agree with the other person who rated these....the clips left ridges all along the line where the clip held my hair. I can't walk around with a ridge all around my head! Where can I buy/find some 2" wires to hold the rollers in place, so I can really enjoy the smooth sleek look these should give, without getting a huge ridge around my head!? I actually bought 2 of these since they seemed like they would be I can't use either one of them!

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    Medium Brown / Normal Hair / Color Treated Hair
  • Clips Leave Creases In Hair 1 Star Rating
    I have long, medium thin hair and it curls VERY easily. I wanted these curlers for big body waves. All they end up doing is leaving nasty creases in my hair from the clips that hold the curlers in. So, I end up having to go back over them with my flat iron. I would not recommend this item.

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    / St. Louis, MO
    Blonde / Normal Hair / Color Treated Hair
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