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Envy by Kenchii

Envy by Kenchii Digital Dryer Black

The Envy by Kenchii Digital Dryer utilizes advanced technology and functionality, combined with an amazing design makes this the must have tool for all.
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  • Overview
  • The Envy GC-2000 offers power with a unique light weight design. This is the first dryer that can be customized over 100 different ways to suit your needs. The memory control system remembers last used heat, speed, ion & cool shot settings.

    On board ionizer with even flow emits negative ions into the hair, reducing static and frizz for beautiful shiny hair.

    10 heat & 10 speed settings to meet the needs of people that are sensitive to heat or have thin hair. Heat setting combined with speed setting give you 100 ways to customer this dryer.

    Specially designed noise reduction fan combined with wind guide technology produces powerful yet even air flow to reduce drying time and dry larger sections of hair.

    Long life powerful hybrid motor. This professional grade motor combines the lightweight and functionality of the DC motor with the power of an AC motor.

    Sports car inspired LCD display provides digital temperature plus unique speed and heat setting gauges.

    Smart one touch cool shot button. No need to hold the cool shot button while in use. Simply touch it again to go back to the previous heat setting.

    Advanced large air intake design helps produce more powerful airflow.

    High tech heating system generates an even amount of heat at all times.

    Ergonomic and balanced handle design has no buttons to get in your way.

    Professional grade double insulated 9 ft. non tangle cord.

    Model#: GC-2000B   /   SKU: 009881

  • Features
    • RPM + Digital Temperature Display
    • 10 Temp Control settings
    • 10 Speed Settings
    • Temperature selector button
    • On/Off Button
    • One touch cool shot button
    • Ion on/off button
    • 1800 watts
    • 125V
    • Made in Korea
  • About the brand
  • Since 2004, Kenchii is known for creating the finest and the most innovative hair tools in the world. By exploring advanced concepts, futuristic designs, and unmatched performance, they remain at the forefront of our industry. They don’t just raise the standards they set them. Envy by Kenchii is a new generation of advanced hair appliances designed to keep the user in awe of its performance. From the world’s first dryer that can be customized 100 different ways to the first iron to use Intelligent Ion Technology TM, these tools redefine the future of hair.

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  • This Dryer Is Really Cool! 4 Star Rating
    This dryer is very, very cool. I love the LED/LCD? display, I love that there are so many setting choices, though I end up going full speed/full heat. I do feel that this leaves my hair a bit smoother than my Sedu 4000i, but I don't know if it is the fancy hair dryer version of new shoe excitement. Meaning, when I was a kid, if I got a pair of new shoes, I felt they made me run faster, jump higher, etc. I wonder if that is the same for this dryer.

    I will be putting this to the test in the next few days. I have a niece who has some really wild hair. I am going to do a side by side test between this dryer and the Sedu 4000i and see which side dries faster/leaves her hair smoother. I will update this review with photos.

    Now, here is why I don't love this dryer....yet: I think my hair is taking longer to dry than with the Sedu 4000i, but I am not sure. Just after my hair gets trimmed/thinned, my hair is much faster to dry overall. Once it goes for about 4 weeks, it takes an eternity to dry!! It is just past shoulder length and if I dry with a round brush in sections, it takes me quite a while. I was however doing 15 minutes with the Sedu a couple of weeks ago. I am now doing about 22 minutes with this one. This has been true of the last four times I dried my hair with this dryer over the last week. It could just be crappy timing for my receipt of this fantastically cool dryer. Next time, I will dry with the Sedu to be sure.

    One consideration to make is that this additional drying time could have something to do with the concentrator. This dryer only comes with one and the opening is fairly substantial. I generally use the smaller of the concentrators on all of my hair dryers because I dry in sections and feel like this gives the most power. I was able to verify this by clicking my Sedu concentrator on this dryer and blowing clips across the counter with each dryer using the same concentrator. Similar power, I think. I have not actually used the Sedu concentrator on my Kenchii dryer. I just like when the concentrator is matched to the dryer (The Kenchii dryer and concentrator have wings on them. Lol.), and yes, I know that's dumb. It would be fantastic if the maker of this dryer added two concentrator attachments instead of just the one. I will do additional testing with the smaller concentrator on both dryers and update the review accordingly.

    Another issue I have with this dryer, that I doubt a professional would have is the size. It is very light weight for sure, BUT it is a very, very large dryer. I can not store this dryer in my usual hair dryer storage location where I have stored several dryers over the years. Also, the size makes it hard to maneuver on one's own hair and could take some time getting used to, but I manage.

    All in all, I am keeping this dryer, AND the backup I purchased as well regardless of the results of my further testing, because it is just so cool, and I am just such a geek. Also, I am pretty sure my hair is laying a bit nicer with this dryer than it does with my Sedu dryer, of course that could change when I slap the Sedu concentrator on this dryer and use it to dry.

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    / Visalia
    Dark Brown / Normal Hair / Color Treated Hair / Fine or Thin Hair
  • So Light! Smooth Finish! 5 Star Rating
    I've had this dryer for about 2 months and I couldn't be more pleased! I have fairly long and thick hair and it used to take me about 30-40 minutes for a thorough blow dry. The Envy by Kenchii dryer easily cuts that time in HALF and I don't have an aching arm or wrist when I'm done! The Ion Generator makes my thick hair very smooth and silky, without product! I love the cool shot button because it's one touch; I don't have to hold it down the entire time I'm needing cooler air, like when I'm finishing a style. The cord is tangle free and comes with a Velcro wrap to keep things organized when in storage or during travel. The digital display is awesome! The colors are bright and very easy to read! There are 10 settings for speed and 10 settings for heat, plus the cool shot which makes for over 100 customized usage options! Even better, it remembers your previous preferences!! The temperature is listed in Fahrenheit on the digital screen so you can choose the exact temp and speed for whatever style you're creating. This is such a versatile tool and I'm so glad that I bought it! I can't wait to try more tools by Kenchii!

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    Dark Brown / Thick or Coarse Hair
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