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Beauty HeatCap Professional Hair Conditioning Cap

A professional way to treat problem hair. Perfect for hair that has been over-bleached, over-permed or damaged by wind and sun. Makes hair more manageable and lustrous in just 20 minutes.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • A professional way to treat problem hair. Perfect for hair that has been over-bleached, over-permed or damaged by wind and sun. Makes hair more manageable and lustrous in just 20 minutes.

    Model#: KK0010   /   SKU: P8245

  • Features
    • Automatic thermo controlled heat unit
    • Dual thermostats for complete safety
    • Three-way heat control switch
    • Guaranteed against mechanical and electrical defect for one year
    • Washable vinyl sanitary liner
    • 50 Watts/120 VAC 50-60 HZ
    • UL listed and bears the mark
    • Easy hair conditioning treatments used with heat activated hair conditioner for lustrous hair beauty
    • Controls dandruff caused by dry and itchy scalp
    • Eliminates hot dryers, which tend to dry out hair
    • Keeps hair soft and manageable
    • Takes care of your many hair needs


    1. Burns will result from improper use.
    2. Read all instructions on box or packaged with pad before using.
    3. Never use pad without the removable liner.
    4. Temperatures sufficiently high to cause burns may occur regardless of control setting.
    5. Do not use on an infant, an invalid, a sleeping or unconscious person or a person with poor blood circulation.
    6. Do not use pins or other metallic means to fasten the pad in place.

  • About the brand
  • Thermal Spa Products, also known as Mastex, is a leading innovator in clinically proven professional spa products. Their famous Heat Cap helps treat dry, damaged, and over-processed hair. It is less drying to the scalp and hair than heat dryers, and can maximize the results of a heat-activated conditioning treatment.

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  • Excellent Product 5 Star Rating
    I have extremely thick, course hair. I have so much hair that it costs over $600 for me to get a chocolate treatment. As a result, I get them twice a year instead of every four months. This cap is great for refreshing my treatment at a fraction of the cost. I have used it both with a keratin masque and with my regular conditioner, and both ways my hair comes out soft and shiny. It comes with one processing package, I bought a pack of 30 for approximately $4. This was the best price I found anywhere on the internet. This is a good deal on an excellent product.

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    / United States
    Medium Brown / Dry Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair / Chemically Treated Hair
  • Try Something Else 2 Star Rating
    The little blue plastic cap that comes with the hood is cheap and the elastic broke within a few weeks. The hood itself is uncomfortable when you tie it under your chin, but doesnt quite fit snugly if you dont tie it under your chin. Im not sure if this is a flaw in my cap or if this is normal, but the cap does not get warm at the nape of the neck, which means the conditioner I put it is still cold after an hour under this thing! Lastly, the cap can easily burn your ears if youre not careful. Try a heat cap that inflates instead.

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  • Uk 4 Star Rating
    I brought this product and used it, I am from the UK and although the product heated up okay, i left it for a minute only to find it burnt itself away i dont know if that is because the current is different! But i never really got to experience its delight, so if you are from the UK be carefull as it may not have the same result as the Americans!

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    / Uk
  • I Like It! 4 Star Rating
    Although it is a little pricey, overall the product works well. I use it while watching T.V, and honestly I sometimes forget its on. Use it for 30 minutes with your favorite leave in treatment, it really makes a difference.CON--> The chin strap can become uncomfortable...but u get used to it. also, the top of it doesnt seem to get as hot as the rest.

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    / Miami
  • Fantastic!!!!! 5 Star Rating
    The Beauty HeatCap Professional Hair Conditioning Cap, works wonders for my hair, I used this cap and what a difference it made in my hair. Im going through a transition from perm to natural, and my hair has been breaking, because of the dryness in my hair, but when I used the Beauty HeatCap Professional Hair Conditioning Cap with my favorite tcb oil treatment. My hair is very soft and shiny as well as thicker. If you are looking for a product to inhance the quality of your hair this is the product. I love it.

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    / Georgia
  • Love It! 5 Star Rating
    I loved this cap! After applying treatment, and putting on the cap...I waited about 20 mins. After I rinsed my hair, it was soft, and silky. It looked and felt so healthy! A great purchase I am about to buy one for my sister! (She keeps using mine!)

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    / Glastonbury, Ct
  • Results Very Satisfied 5 Star Rating
    The first time I used it, I was very surprised on how soft it made my hair. I put on hair treatment and used the conditioning cap for 20 min. Then I blow dry my hair. It turned out real soft and less frizzy. 100% satisfied with the result. The only thing is that I used the "low" heat, it may become too hot if use "medium" level of heat.

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    / California
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