V.swish Universal Diffuser - Pink

The V.swish Universal Diffuser is the ultimate tool for blow drying!
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  • Hair
    Normal Hair
    Curly Hair
    Fine or Thin Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Works Best On Thin To Medium Curly Hair!
    Great item but works best on medium to thin hair types.
    Thick curly hair can be too heavy for the collapsible silicone.
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    posted Mar 13, 2013
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  • United States
    1 Star Rating
    Not Universal
    While I like the silicon material and the collapsible body, this can hardly be called "universal". The silicon has a very small amount of stretch- maybe adjusting up to 1/8". Beyond that, I had to take a pair of scissors to it. I first tried snipping out the silicon tracks running along the inside. While that was easy enough to do, it still didn't provide enough room for my hair dryer to fit (which is ~1/2" larger in circumference than this diffuser). I then tried to make U-shaped vents, however the silicon ripped easily. While I did eventually get my dryer to fit, the end result is an unattractive disaster that I don't expect to last. Now that I've had to destroy it, I can't return the thing, so I'll soon have to shop for another diffuser. DON'T waste your money on this product!
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    posted Jan 28, 2013
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