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Conair Volumizing Diffuser

Conair Volumizing Diffuser for curly or wavy hair styles
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

Conair Volumizing Diffuser slips onto most hair dryers to add volume, coax loose waves and define curl while preventing frizz. This diffuser is perfect for curly or wavy hair styles.

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  • Guaranteed Authentic
  • Hair diffuser fingers gently lift hair to boost volume and allow more air circulation
  • Volumizing hair diffuser for curly or wavy styles
  • Minimizes heat damage
  • Perfect for permed or naturally wavy hair
  • Enhanced curls without frizz
  • Superior to heat lamps
  • More efficient, fast drying
  • Universal design fits most hair dryers


Before attaching diffuser to hair dryer, make sure hair dryer is turned off and unplugged from electrical outlet.  Insert barrel end of hair dryer into diffuser opening.  Do not cover entire barrel with diffuser. Note: this diffuser fits most hair dryer.  (If fit is not secure do not use diffuser.)

For best results, set hair dryer to low speed and heat.  (High temperatures can cause overheating which will damage the dryer and diffuser.

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