HAI Kink Crimp Iron

HAI Kink Crimp Iron has plates with the perfect pitch angle to crimp, texturize, volumize and crimp. Ceramic plates infused with tourmaline create negative io...
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  • United States
    Medium Brown
    Curly Hair
    1 Star Rating
    Do Not Waste Your Money!
    I had high expectations for this crimper...and was extremely disappointed. The ridges in the barrel are very small and close together....resulting in a frizzy crimped mess. Instead of waves (which is what I was expecting) I received locks of hair with tiny little crimps, which especially for me, does not look flattering. Throughout the days the little crimps frizz up. From a distance, your hair looks damaged and knotty. If you are thinking about purchasing this iron, please don't! Try a barrel iron instead. This did not deliver and I am not recommending it to my friends.
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    posted Jun 21, 2012
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  • 5 Star Rating
    Love It!! So Much Fun!!!
    Ok everyone!! Lemme start by saying that I'm a hairstylist in Houston, at a very high end salon, and I try to always stay on top of the latest hair trends, techniques and tools to have for my clients! I saw this tool and i HAD to have it!!!! I've been looking for the most perfect little crimper like this and I'm very pleased with this crimper!!!! I've noticed that in Europe, hair crimping (especially just at the root!) with these "mini" crimpers has become a more and more popular method to creating LONG LASTING (basically permanent until you actually wash it out!!) LIFT AND VOLUME instead of teasing!!!! This technique is slowly making its way to the US!! Teasing is totally out!! Mini crimping is the new teasing!!! As well as adding a totally new texture to already fine or straight hair!!! ... What I've been using it for is not only to add crazy texture for fine hair if I'm doing lets say an updo or something, and you can totally mold the hair any which way once it's all crimped, it's INSANE!!! Another way is to crimp only at the roots and work your way up the head but leave a good amount of hair on top to flow over to hide the crimp and then finish your style (really awesome if you want the "puff" on top or a volumized yet sleek ponytail!!).. You'll be amazed what this crimper can do!! Especially if youre a hairstyist!!! Everyone at my salon have been using it and they all want their own!! So do some of my clients!! Im sending them to FOLICA . COM!!!! :-) Hope that was helpful!! Enjoy it, it's alot of fun to use!!!!!
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    posted Jan 3, 2012
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