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Emjoi Sin Dolor Epilator with Shaver Attachment

The Emjoi Sin Dolor is a painless epilator to remove hair from the root for weeks of silky smooth skin!
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • The Emjoi Sin Dolor Epilator is a painless total body hair remover that leaves skin soft and smooth for up to 6 weeks.  The epilation head features 21 tweezers to remove hair from the root from head to toe.

    Model#: AP-5S3   /   SKU: 002775

  • Features
    • Soft touch grip fits comfortably in your hand and allows for maximum control
    • Gentle enough to remove individual hair on the upper lip and chin
    • Great for removing hair on the legs, bikini line, and underarms
    • Hair re-growth is less noticeable
    • Adjustable dual speed
    • Cordless and rechargeable-you can use it with or without the cord!
    • Compact and perfect for travel
    • Optional Shaving Attachment: The interchangeable foil shaving attachment with a built-in long hair trimmer is available to give you smooth and silky skin by shaving or epilating.


    For maximum results after epilating, follow with the Emjoi After Epilation Cream.

  • About the brand
  • The tops in hair removal, Emjoi epilators, shavers and accessories leave your skin flawlessly smooth. Emjoi makes hair removal easy with a wide variety of products for everyone from the hair removal novice to smooth skin experts. You'll dare to be bare.

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  • Emoi Sin Dolor Epilator With Shaver Attachment 5 Star Rating
    I bought this product because:
    I've tried other brands, and went back to Emjoi since it was my first try with an epilator, and I was satisfied. Definitely reommend it to friends.

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    Medium Brown / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • My New Favourite Gadget~ 5 Star Rating
    I'm new to epilators, and if I had known about them a long time ago I would've bought one fast. The bottom line is yes, it is highly effective at removing hair, but no, it is not completely pain/discomfort-free. And the extra shaver attachment is nice. I've used the epilator mostly on my underarms, but also on some slight upper lip hair and some 'snail trail' hair on my belly. It got pretty much all of my underarm hair. I was surprised that it got most, if not, all of my finer snail trail hair. I wasn't surprised though, when it couldn't get all of the shorter, very fine upper lip hairs--but still, it wasn't bad there.

    The pain depends a lot on 1] hair thickness, 2] pain threshold, and 3] prep and technique. For areas with finer hair it just feels like a mild little sting. I had the most pain with this for my underarms. I had read reviews giving advice on how to decrease discomfort, which I followed and 1] took a warm shower before epilating, 2] made sure to scrub/exfoliate my skin, and 3] hold the skin taut while epilating--all to help open up the pores. That addresses prep 'work' and technique. My underarm hair is somewhere between medium and thick texture, so I expected that it wouldn't be so easy to pull out. As for pain threshold, I have a very high one. I've tweezed my underarms before [which was very time-consuming], and currently my eyebrows and even some of the noticeable upper lip hairs. I've had dentists be surprised at how I can take procedures without anesthesia. That being said, the first time I epilated it hurt A LOT. 'Sin Dolor' ['without pain' in Spanish] my butt!! I even took an Advil about 30 minutes beforehand and it did nothing, LOL. I would say that the pain right after the epilation was the worst; a burning, stinging kind of pain. I'm not gonna lie, I also bled a little, but I think this is because some of my pores hold more than one hair and my hair is not of a fine texture, like I said. I had also purchased an irritation/chafe-protection cream-gel, which I apply to my skin after epilating to avoid serious irritation. It didn't really ease the pain much the first time, but it felt cool and it helped a little bit, psychologically at least!! It's just good to prevent further irritation, you know? after having your skin endure a lot.

    The second time I used the epilator on my underarms, it wasn't as bad. Actually, I would say that the pain was already greatly decreased [also, it's true that if you go in expecting~ less pain, there will~ be less pain]. The only thing that was significant was the burning and stinging afterwards, but I found the cream-gel more effective this time.

    I'm yet to epilate my underarms again [probably in a week or so], but the results are already amazing. You will notice your underarms start looking lighter [because there's no more stubble under the skin surface!!] and the hair regrowth will be finer. And I went about 3 weeks between my first and second epilation before I saw a significant amount of regrowth. I had heard from a friend [who's been epilating much longer than I have] that the sooner you go between epilations the faster you'll be on your way to having less and less regrowth and longer regrow time. This is why I didn't wait for the '4 to 6 week period' that's commonly advertised and just waited until I had a good amount of hair to epilate.

    Not to forget the shaver attachment, it wasn't as amazing as the epilating head, but better than I expected. I used it on my legs and there was no stubble visible afterwards and my skin didn't get nicked or anything. It was quieter than I expected too, which is a plus.

    Overall, this is an excellent product. It's very effective, so if you can get past the pain and discomfort, go for it!! IT IS WORTH IT, especially in the long-run. It's low-maintenance and cost-effective so you won't have to shave all the time [just remember to clean the head after epilating] and you don't have to keep paying for waxing. And who doesn't want sexier underarms?

    I know this review is veryyy long, but I tried to be as thorough and honest as possible so I that I can hopefully help with the decision process. Thanks for reading :]

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    / New Jersey
    Black / Normal Hair
  • Love It But.. 4 Star Rating
    This is my first epilator and it really isn't the painful process I thought. It hurt at first in certain areas but you soon get used to it and there is generally less hair than the first time and that helps too. I'm now looking to upgrade to one that removes more hair more reliably. It's a good first one because of the price and to see if this is a way to remove hair that you can tolerate. I looked at home laser but they work on pigment and if any of your hair is light colored, they don't work. An epilator doesn't care.

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    Normal Hair / Fine or Thin Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Smooth 5 Star Rating
    I have used one of this same kind for 5 yrs and love the only shaving every 8 to 12 wks

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  • Good Product! 4 Star Rating
    i have this at home its a very good product! doesnt hurt you feels like your just tweezing it wont grab your skin at all!!! if you push too hard on your skin it stops until you release. you can charge it when you get low on power i would recommend it. but i can say you can get it cheaper at CVS then on here

    i use it on my stomach, bikini, legs, arms, underarms. i have thick course hair and takes the root and all no worries!

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    Black / Normal Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
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