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clean + easy

clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

LIMITED TIME PRICE DROP! Remove unwanted hair forever with the clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis! At-home electrolysis that's fast, safe and simple.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Remove unwanted hair forever with the clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis! At-home electrolysis that's fast, safe and simple.

    SKU: 001307

  • Features
    • Removes Unwanted Hair
    • Gentle, Fast, Safe and Guaranteed Effective
    • Perfect for Home Use
    • Economical with Professional Results
    • Retractable Stylet Tip Cant Ever Pierce the Skin


    Set Comfort Control Dial to position one. Push the slide button
    forward to expose the stylet tip. Hold the stylet like a pen with
    fingers around touchband. Be sure your fingers are moist (not
    dripping wet) throughout use to ensure circuit is complete. Overly
    wet fingers will cause unsatisfactory results. Do not squeeze skin
    adjacent to the hair being removed. Excessive pressure will cause
    skin damage. Note angle of hair growth, insert the stylet tip along
    the underside of the hair and into the follicle.

    Use only downward
    pressure as sideways pressure will bend the tip. Hold the stylet
    tip firmly in place. When proper contact has been made, you will
    feel a tingling sensation. If you do not feel a slight tingle with
    the Comfort Control Dial set at mid-range, gradually increase the
    setting until a tingling sensation is felt. This indicates that the
    current is flowing. In addition, try gently rotating the stylet tip
    in the follicle a few times to make sure you are contacting the
    hair root.

    When you feel slight tingling, hold the stylet firmly in
    place and count to 15 slowly. This will indicate that you have
    treated the hair for approximately 15 seconds. Remove stylet and
    use tweezers to gently remove the hair. If the hair resists, or if
    the skin "lifts", reinsert the stylet and treat for another 15
    seconds. Treatment time will also vary depending on the position of
    the Comfort Control Dial and upon the area you are treating.

    Experiment until you find your treatment cycle but do not treat for
    more than two 15-second cycles at a single sitting. Overly moist
    fingers or excessive treatment may cause "pitting" of the skin
    which may lengthen the healing process. Once treatment is
    completed, remove the hair with tweezers. Should you experience any
    resistance, the root has not been destroyed. Repeat treatment after
    48 hours.

    Electrolysis has been successful when hair can be removed
    with tweezers without resistance. Treatment time may vary between
    individuals and depends on the area being treated. Always keep
    tweezers handy to avoid having to take your eyes off the treated
    area. After treatment, clean skin with isopropyl alcohol once
    again. Do not apply make-up, perfume or expose treated areas to the
    sun for 24 hours.

  • About the brand
  • For over 10 years, clean + easy hair has been one of the leading hair removal systems for spa and personal use. Offering everything from microwavable waxes to electrolysis, hair removal has never been so clean + easy!

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  • Works Better Than Expected 4 Star Rating
    I found the product to work very well for being batery operated. I will warn you, you do have to do each hair indivdually so if you have alot of unwanted hair, it will be very time consoming. Otherwise for the price, I am very pleased with the product.

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    / MN
  • It Works With Patience 4 Star Rating
    As others have said, this product does actually work, but you need patience. True, it takes a long time to make an impact, but eventually I know it will get done. I tried the product because I had a skin condition called foliculitis. Essentially I have very sensitive hair follicles on my leg and scented lotions, soaps, detergents, etc would inflame my follicles and give me a painful, itchy rash. I read somewhere that if you kill the hair follicle, logically there is no follicle to get inflamed. Like I said, it does take a long time, but I have seen a noticeable impact on my rash... Literally, at the line where I left off the treatment, one side is all rashy, the other is totally fine. Two challenges I have noticed: -- Sometimes the shock doesn't kill the follicle. You don't know this until you pluck it out. It then scabs over and sometimes I get ingrown hairs because the new hair cant get out. -- The salt in the solution has started eroding the metal ring on my stylus wand. It seems to be working find still, but I don't know if there will be any long term effect on the performance. Also, a note... Some areas (like my bikini area especially) are super sensitive no matter what setting I use. I have found that putting a little bit of liquid orajel on the area first helps.

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  • Same Results "and You Done It Yourself" 4 Star Rating
    The electrolysis kit is wonderful! I love the product. It works! It also is very inexpensive compared to some other ways to remove facial hair. It only take a few seconds and you can get great results at home. The instructions are easy to follow and it doesn't grow back for a few months. You can do it at your convenience without having to go someplace and pay a high price and the outcome is the same!

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    / Brighton, T.N.
  • Help! 3 Star Rating
    I'm SO CONFUSED! I got one of these but the directions are in French! (I don't understand French), is there anybody that can give me a step by step directions on how to use this thing?
    There are Two Pens, the one that has the tip that goes in and out, what is the metal plate for, and the other pen?
    Somebody has stated that you need to use salt water on your fingers, but I don't understand how and what they mean, by this.........ARRRRRGGGG!

    I am begging anybody to just post the directions plain and simple:

    Step One:

    Step Two:

    Step Three:

    Etc,,,,,,,,Hair Gone,,,,,,

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    / NY
  • Works As Promised, Great Price, Takes Dedication. 4 Star Rating
    It works as promised. I didin't give it 5 stars because it is somewhat cumbersome to use. I removed 3 hairs on my arm and several on my leg. I can tell which hair sI removed since I tanned while they were scabbed over, so the skin is lighter around the follicle. None of the hairs I treated correctly have come back in 2 weeks. On me, you could tell you were doing it right when it pussed a little and hurt more. If it doesn't hurt, you're not in the follice. Definitely priced very well.

    I also didn't give it 5 stars because the needle CAN pierce my skin in places other than a hair follicle, which is contrary to the promised functionality. The needle is not long enough to draw blood. Mostly, it goes sideways in my skin. If i notice I'm not having any pain, I take the needle out immediately to prevent unnecessary skin damage.

    I'm hoping to remove all the hair from my shins in the next year. I would be careful about using it around the face, I'm not even sure the product says it can do that.

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    Normal Hair
  • Home Electrolysis 5 Star Rating
    I have tried Eplia Home Laser and it works only on hair that is not deep rooted, and it take 8 to 10 time of treatment for laser to work. Also Laser can burn hair causing a hole that take a long time to heal if not used correctly .
    I then found a clean and easy on E Bay for $9.95 and tried it after reading the reviews on this site.
    To my amazement this thing works!!! better than anything I have tried.
    Keep fingers moist with salted water in very important so device will conduct current.
    Carefully slide probe the same direction of hair shaft and there will be a white foam
    that comes out as device beeps, I set it at 4 and counted 15 seconds with the probe
    end touching folicle about 2-3 mm deep.
    The hair will come out with out pulling and you know it has worked, the hair is GONE FOR EVER.
    Sometimes you need to do it twice.
    It leaves a welt that goes away, WORD OF CAUTION try a test spot to see what happens see how you react.
    I have a Lighted Magnifying glass with a 2 inch lens and 8 bright led,s to see were the probe is.

    Needs rechargable battery.
    Anyway I am very impressed, how can you go wrong $9.95 on E-Bay Battery inculded.

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  • Saves Money! 5 Star Rating
    I used an older version of this product, and except for the color of the pens, it looks the same. I used it on my lip and chin. It worked very well, and now, 10 years later, the cleared area remains clear. I had been to professional electrolgists before, so was familiar with the pain level. However, I found a lot of what they did grew back (though lighter) and required repeat treatments--time and money! I liked the fact that I could control my own pain level. It does take time, though--but it's worth it. For myself, I had a desk in front of a west-facing picture window, and I did the work in the afternoon sun. I used a large 10x magnifying mirror--and turned on the TV behind me (which I could see through another mirror propped on the desk). This may sound silly, but the TV cut down on the boredom and made the time pass away while I worked on my face. Eventually, I broke the machine and the store I had purchased it from was out of business. This item is hard to find in stores, even beauty supply houses. My original one cost me about $18 some time ago--but it was still a lot cheaper than beauty supply houses, which sold it for around $32. But that was 10 years + ago, so some allowance must be made for inflation. I can't tell you how much money I saved on electrology fees. I still go to an electrologist occasionally for areas that I can't easily reach. I am going to buy another one now that I have found a source. Highly recommended if you have the patience.

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  • Yoda Says "patience, Young One!" 4 Star Rating
    I read a lot of complaints and a few kudos, but hair removal isn't ever an easy or quick process. If you don't have the patience to learn how to do it yourself and spend dozens of hours doing this process for months, then be prepared to spend thousands of dollars and seek a salon that will do it for you. The advantage of a home system is that you CAN do it yourself (at least where you can reach and see). You can control the discomfort level, and stop when you need a break. With good lighting and a mirror you can accomplish a lot with this inexpensive tool, but remember it's only a home-use tool, not a professional tool, and it's not meant to be as durable or powerful as a multi-thousand-dollar treatment or equipment and a trained professional. I used one of these in college and lowered my beard line from cheek bone to mid-cheek successfully after using it almost daily for about an hour each day for 4-5 months. The hair hasn't come back for 20 years. It's a slow process, but it works if you make it a priority. Like going to the gym for an hour a day builds muscle tone over time, you have to be committed or you will get out of this what you put into it, nothing. Stop whining about the durability. If you're gentle with it, you'll be fine. If you need a device that can take more physical abuse, then you don't have the steady and patient hand needed for this kind of work in the first place and should get a pro to do it for you. I recently bought another one to follow up after LHR which can't be used everywhere. I don't recommend LHR unless you enjoy pain. In this case, the tortoise will always win the race.

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  • Don't Waste Your Time And Money Please!!! 1 Star Rating
    It hurts, burns and leave wholes in your skin on the lowest setting. Please don't make that mistake and say well maybe that person don't know how to use this product because thats what I did.

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  • Good Product But Time Consuming 3 Star Rating
    Only reason I give it average rating is because it is too time consuming. Otherwise, no complaints, good product. It was delivered after a bit of back and forth with the site, delivered in good time, excellent condition

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