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clean + easy

clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis

LIMITED TIME PRICE DROP! Remove unwanted hair forever with the clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis! At-home electrolysis that's fast, safe and simple.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Remove unwanted hair forever with the clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis! At-home electrolysis that's fast, safe and simple.

    SKU: 001307

  • Features
    • Removes Unwanted Hair
    • Gentle, Fast, Safe and Guaranteed Effective
    • Perfect for Home Use
    • Economical with Professional Results
    • Retractable Stylet Tip Cant Ever Pierce the Skin


    Set Comfort Control Dial to position one. Push the slide button
    forward to expose the stylet tip. Hold the stylet like a pen with
    fingers around touchband. Be sure your fingers are moist (not
    dripping wet) throughout use to ensure circuit is complete. Overly
    wet fingers will cause unsatisfactory results. Do not squeeze skin
    adjacent to the hair being removed. Excessive pressure will cause
    skin damage. Note angle of hair growth, insert the stylet tip along
    the underside of the hair and into the follicle.

    Use only downward
    pressure as sideways pressure will bend the tip. Hold the stylet
    tip firmly in place. When proper contact has been made, you will
    feel a tingling sensation. If you do not feel a slight tingle with
    the Comfort Control Dial set at mid-range, gradually increase the
    setting until a tingling sensation is felt. This indicates that the
    current is flowing. In addition, try gently rotating the stylet tip
    in the follicle a few times to make sure you are contacting the
    hair root.

    When you feel slight tingling, hold the stylet firmly in
    place and count to 15 slowly. This will indicate that you have
    treated the hair for approximately 15 seconds. Remove stylet and
    use tweezers to gently remove the hair. If the hair resists, or if
    the skin "lifts", reinsert the stylet and treat for another 15
    seconds. Treatment time will also vary depending on the position of
    the Comfort Control Dial and upon the area you are treating.

    Experiment until you find your treatment cycle but do not treat for
    more than two 15-second cycles at a single sitting. Overly moist
    fingers or excessive treatment may cause "pitting" of the skin
    which may lengthen the healing process. Once treatment is
    completed, remove the hair with tweezers. Should you experience any
    resistance, the root has not been destroyed. Repeat treatment after
    48 hours.

    Electrolysis has been successful when hair can be removed
    with tweezers without resistance. Treatment time may vary between
    individuals and depends on the area being treated. Always keep
    tweezers handy to avoid having to take your eyes off the treated
    area. After treatment, clean skin with isopropyl alcohol once
    again. Do not apply make-up, perfume or expose treated areas to the
    sun for 24 hours.

  • About the brand
  • For over 10 years, clean + easy hair has been one of the leading hair removal systems for spa and personal use. Offering everything from microwavable waxes to electrolysis, hair removal has never been so clean + easy!

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  • clean + easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis (114)
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  • Really Works 5 Star Rating
    I bought this machine bc it was a great price and had many positive reviews. It does take patience but it works and is so worth it. It doesnt hurt. Its more annoying than painful. Also the first machine I bought just stopped working shortly after I got it and folica sent me a new one. The only thing is that the needles do bend very easy so be careful. If you have unwanted hair that really bothers you, then you should try this for sure.

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  • Review 5 Star Rating
    Hi,I have been using this for a while now. Spent ALOT on facial hair removal. Even laser which reuqired me to shave, once I couldnt afford laser anymore I was in a habit of shaving my face- not feminine and not effective! I used to do electrolysis beforehand but got fed up as I had to keep going back.Now, I am very happy with this product. The first stylet bent with me but I got a hang of it with the second one. Replacement ones cost �6 for 2, so its not too expensive. And the fact it runs on batteries is even better. I use it on dial 10 as I have thick facial hair due to the shaving. It has left a few marks, like electrolysis did anyway. But I am happy with it and do recommend for you to buy a magnifying mirror and use two hands. One to stretch the skin and the other to use the machine. VERY GREAT PRODUCT!!! LOVE IT!!! XX

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  • Working... 2 Star Rating
    I have been using this product for about six months. The hair has grown back, but a lot finer. Its very tedious at first and takes a lot of getting used to.

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    / Toronto, Canada
  • Excellent Machine 5 Star Rating
    I have used the machine once a week for a total of two years. Not a single hair in sight now. My legs are silky and smooth and no hairs have grown back for 3 years. These results are not immediate. I used to shave and wax which only stregthened the hair folicle. So when I began using this machine,I used the highest amount of power which in turn left red dots (which looked like scars) on my legs. Once those disappeared, the hair grew back. I was persistant and kept on using the machine once a week cleaning off any hairs that did grow back and I would wait for 8 beeps to sound before removing any hairs. If the hairs would still be too tough to remove, I would not force them out but instead repeated the process until the root would weaken and the hair was ready to be removed.Yes the machine does work, however I would suggest to use a low number in case you dont want to see red dots but understand that it will not kill the hairs as quickly. My suggestion is use this machine in the winter. Kill the hairs and be consistant. Clean up anything that grows back immediately and you will see results. Understand that years of shaving and waxing has only stregthened the roots of the hair and treatment is not going to take place over night. The effort was all worth it now and I saved thousands of dollars. Silky, smooth legs are a womans best friend.Thank you "Clean and Easy Electrolysis"

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    / NYC Brooklyn
  • Worth The Effort 4 Star Rating
    I dont know whats the big works fine for me. Its tedious if you are a wookie. But it works. I do have tiny white dots where the treated hairs were... But Id rather have that than tarantulitis. Some hairs dont treat the first time.. But most of the hairs Ive done have not grown back after the first go... And Ive had my unit over a year. Just use the needle and you should be fine. Tweezer units are useless. the only other time in my life Ive done it was when I was 15. Im 31 now... And those treated areas are bald still. its hard work! Time consuming! But totally worth the effort in my opinion.

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    / Hawaii
  • What A Money Saver!!! 4 Star Rating
    I have been doing electrolysis for 8 years all over my body so I know exactly what it feels like. This system gives me the control of doing whatever hairs I want and not having to go to any appointments and most importantly spend any money. Before, I had to wait toll my next appt to get rid of unwanted hairs, but now I can just sit down in front of a mirror and zap whatever is bothering me. It takes a little getting used to (I started on my legs to get practice) but it is well worth it!!!! SO much cheaper than any electrolysis visit.

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    / Chicago, Il
  • It Does Work, But It Takes Time And Hurts 4 Star Rating
    I used to have some thick, black hairs on my face, which being in my 20s is very embarassing. In 2006, I remember it well, I bought this product. Well, it was a smaller version of it. I had 16 thick hairs on the right side of my chin. I wanted to try on one side, just in case something bad happened. At least it wouldnt be on both sides of my face. I probably shouldve tried somewhere other than my face at first, but I didnt. It is a little awkward to get used to. Make sure that there is enough salt in the water. You have to have conductivity. I started with the energy low, would carefully insert the needle into the folicle with my left hand as it was being steadied by my right hand. Once I felt that it was in right, I would touch my wet right fingers to the contact. If you have the conductivity, you feel it right away! It hurts. The pain is the same amount of pain as plucking, but is much longer (for as long as you hold it in ther follicle). It is litterally burning the follicle. If you can just hold in there for the 12 secs, it does a good job of destroying it. To me the embarassment was worth the pain and I no longer have the embarassing black hair. They are now soft white hairs that match the rest. Sometimes the hairs dont go away on the first shot. Read about hair growth. Make sure that you get it in the growth timeframe. It has been over 2 years now, and the hair is still gone. I do have a bit of very minor scarring from some of my first attempts. It looks like oversized pores, nothing that anyone else would notice. If you have it inserted too far you wont get the follicle. If it is too shallow you will just burn your face. This is gross, but you can hear is when it is in the right spot and some white stuff may come out. Too much info, I know, but its important to know. I wish that I had. You can expect little red marks or little red scabs that appear the following day and are there for a the next couple of days. Everyone will probably just think that youre breaking out. Dont do too much too close together. I am buying another one today. My last one is old and I lost the needles for it. On to the other problem areas! I just wanted to share a very candid and honest assessment of the product and let all of you decide for yourselves. I hope this helps

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  • Time Will Tell 4 Star Rating
    I have been using this product about once every 10 days for almost 2 months. Since hair grows in cycles, its still hard to say how successful these treatments have been but I am determined to stick with it for at least another few months. My biggest complaint is that the stylet tip head bends easily. But replacement is still a lot cheaper than professional electrolysis. A good magnifying mirror and a steady hand are essential. The pain and redness are the least of it. Ive healed just fine. It takes time but so does getting to an electrologist. Definitely worth the money and time so far.

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    / Bucks County, Pa
  • Don't Buy. 1 Star Rating
    I was very patiently when I bought the product. I spend a lot of time at home, so I figure I will have a lot of time to try the product as many ways as it possible.IT JUST DOESNT WORK.I fallowed the instructions on the manual, very carefully.Believe me, I hate my hair and I was very confident I will try my best to stop out my hair of growing.They said after you give the hair the "shock", it will be pulled off very easy. I did this. Was perfect, very patient.Buy - GUESS WHAT - em 1 week, my hair had grown back!!!Dont waste you time and your money.ALL MY HAIR HAD GROWN BACK.

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    / Sacramento, CA
  • Hated It!! 1 Star Rating
    I was really hoping for something that worked at a great price. But no!! Couldnt manuever the needle in with one hand and if you finally got it where you wanted it to be if you tried to turn it on then the needle would slip out of the folicle. So I never got one hair removed.

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