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Phillips Tourmaline Monster Vent Brush

Phillips Tourmaline Monster Vent Brush comes in 3 1/2", 4-1/2", and 5" diameter, reinforced bristles set in a hardwood handle with rubber grips.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Phillips Tourmaline Monster Vent Brush is a top professional brush that comes in 3 1/2", 4-1/2", and 5" diameter, reinforced bristles set in a hardwood handle with rubber grips.

    SKU: 008147

  • Features
    • Tourmaline core promotes healthy shiny hair
    • Minimizes electricity
    • Reinforced bristle
    • Fully vented to maximized airflow
    • Raised rubber grips for greater control
  • About the brand
  • Based in Ohio, the Phillips Brush company has been creating professional hair brushes for over 60 years. Phillips Brushes use the latest technologies and materials for extraordinary styling results.

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  • Handle Broke 1 Star Rating
    I have medium-thick curly hair and at first I was pretty excited about this brush. But halfway through my blow dry the rubber part of the handle came loose, so I couldn't rotate the brush properly. I realized after I switched back to my old brush that I had been pulling the Phillips rush really hard to get the brush through my hair, so maybe this type of brush is only for fine hair. The was very narrow and it was uncomfortable to grip.

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    Curly Hair
  • Great Brush! 5 Star Rating
    I loved my wood Phillips 5" Monster Brush (maroon version) but part of it broke when I dropped it so I replaced it with this one and I love this brush! The handle is much improved with a rubber grip that makes it much easier to handle. The natural bristles on this brush also grip the hair so I can get the straightening/smoothing I need. However this 5" round tourmaline brush is definitely larger than the previous 5" wood version. It's HUGE. My hair is wavy, somewhat curly and has gotten very frizzy. It's just a bit longer than shoulder length with some layers. This brush, along with some product definitely solves the frizz/curly issue - my hair is straight and smooth after using it (along with some product for straight hair and some hair oil). I mostly dry my hair with a paddle brush upside down, then section and use this brush for the finishing. Sectioning is the trick with this brush, rotating and blowing hot as the hair goes around the bristles until it's smooth. My length hair only gets a small amount of bend with this huge brush (think Jessica Alba bob) but I'm thinking of also getting the 4.5" version for some added bend on the ends of my long side bangs and the layers they blend into. I don't need to use a flat iron and if I want to, it's only a quick pass through to get that flat iron super straight glossy look.

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  • Too Big To Handle, 2 Star Rating
    I have long curly hair. Trying to blow it out with this brush was very difficult for me. Maybe okay if someone else was blowing your hair dry, but hard to grab the hair and roll it under. Handle was comfortable. I will keep it and try ,try again.

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    / Delaware
    Medium Brown / Curly Hair
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