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Marilyn Big Boar Paddle Brush

Marilyn Big Boar Paddle Brush has 100% natural boar bristles!
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  • Georgia
    2 Star Rating
    Big Boar Paddle
    Yes Big is right!!!!!

    My hair is: Natural and brush wave low on both sides.
    I bought this product because: I wanted to maintain a wave pattern.
    I use it: Every now and again because the brush was a bite pricey.
    The brush is to big to carry and hard and rough feeling to the scalp.
    My results were: The same, nothing changed.
    I didn't like it because: I was unabe to use it enough and/or carry it with me.
    I wouldn't recommend it because: of the size.
    I think it's be good for someone with longer hair.

    Final thoughts: The brush is a bite big and hard for my taste. I couldnt get the result I was looking to get because the brush was to rough on my scalp.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    posted Feb 13, 2014
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