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Marilyn Brush

Marilyn Big Boar Paddle Brush

Marilyn Big Boar Paddle Brush has 100% natural boar bristles!
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Marilyn Big Boar Paddle Brush has 100% natural boar bristles!

    SKU: 008997

  • Features
    • Big Boar Brush with Acetate from Marilyn Brushes has 100% natural boar bristles
    • Adds polish and shine to hair
    • Contains nylon pins for extra support
    • Works wonders for all types of straight hair
    • Has a comfortable grip with weight balanced handle
    • Wide surface brush area
  • About the brand
  • Marilyn is the name that has redefined the art of hair brushing.Designed specifically with the professional stylist in mind, the Marilyn Brush hourglass bristling area adapts perfectly to the shape of the head allowing for more contact and control!

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  • Big Boar Paddle 2 Star Rating
    Yes Big is right!!!!!

    My hair is: Natural and brush wave low on both sides.
    I bought this product because: I wanted to maintain a wave pattern.
    I use it: Every now and again because the brush was a bite pricey.
    The brush is to big to carry and hard and rough feeling to the scalp.
    My results were: The same, nothing changed.
    I didn't like it because: I was unabe to use it enough and/or carry it with me.
    I wouldn't recommend it because: of the size.
    I think it's be good for someone with longer hair.

    Final thoughts: The brush is a bite big and hard for my taste. I couldnt get the result I was looking to get because the brush was to rough on my scalp.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    / Georgia
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