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DENMAN Head Huggers

DENMAN Head Huggers are Curve-tastic!
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Model#: DHH1, DHH2, DHH3, DHH4   /   SKU: 004551

  • Features
    • Concave brush profile 'hugs' the contour of the head
    • Allows the crimped bristles to penetrate to the root of the hair for maximum styling performance
    • Wider barrel ends prevent hair sections from sliding off during blow drying
    • Narrow mid-section of barrel provides greater tension for optimum grip and control
    • Ceramic-coating dissipates heat across the surface area of the heat retaining barrel
    • Prevents hot spots
    • Enables Smooth, damage free styling


    Remove loose hair with a comb. Wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight.

  • About the brand
  • Denman brushes were originally patented in 1938 by John Denman Dean. After World War II, Denman started using a revolutionary new polymer called nylon. Featuring natural rubber cushions with nylon bristles, Denman can navigate tangled tresses with ease. Denman is known as the hairdressers' hair brush and is used exclusively by salons worldwide including Vidal Sassoon.

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  • Great Brush. 4 Star Rating
    The only brush I ever liked better was this one I had forever that I left behind on a vacation:(
    This was replacing that.
    At first I was worried about the no ion thing, but it has made no difference in my blow out for two weeks. (My blow dryer is ionized or whatever it is called though.)

    Two best things -- My hair never ever gets stuck on the handle. Ever. Also the concave design grips the hair well, but does not tangle it.

    I love the price. I would buy again.

    Does not get too hot on scalp because it is ceramic.

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    / California
    Normal Hair / Fine or Thin Hair
  • Gives Great Volume! 5 Star Rating
    I love using this while blow drying to give volume at my roots! It fits perfectly on my head and is light enough to be able to hold in place for awhile.
    It also works quickly. I find that I only have to hold it for about 30 seconds to give me the lift I need!

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  • Stays In Place 5 Star Rating
    I watched a video on how to get curl in your hair without using a curling iron and this brush was one of the ones suggested to use. While I didn't have the time to actually do my entire head in curls (you need either several brushes or lots of time), I did find that the brush stayed in place.

    The brush is good for curling in and leaving in your hair to cool to create curls. The brush seems to flow through the hair well when dry, when wet there is a chance of tangles.

    For the purpose I thought the brush was good quality and worked well.

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    / South Florida
    Dark Brown / Normal Hair
  • Bristles Are Hard As Rocks And Pull At Hair! 2 Star Rating
    Ok, maybe I am new to using a round brush that is why I had difficulty with my hair tangling in this brush. Not to mention the bristles were like stones and irritated my scalp. I would rather use a Denman detangling brush to blow out my hair to using this one. I lost hair trying to pull this thing thru my curly, coarse hair. I don't have a perm; however, I do have a keratin treatment to make my hair more manageable which it is very manageable but this brush isn't worth the money.

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    / Florida
    Auburn / Dry Hair / Curly Hair / Color Treated Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Wonderful Brush ! 5 Star Rating
    Great brush...does not tangle and leave shine on hair.!!

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    / Kansas City
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