Mia Bobby Spins

Mia Bobby Spins are the modern day twist in bobby pins!
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  • Hair
    Light Brown
    Dry Hair
    4 Star Rating
    i just recently had my routine haircut and was told my hair was in the best shape
    my stylist (of many years!) had ever seen it. I cut way back on the braiding,
    stopping using hairbands and switched to bobby spins almost exclusively.
    Bobby spins are amazing; working every bit as well and in many cases better
    than my hair ties do. Whether a tight or soft, prim or tousled style, Spins hold
    securely- even while sleeping! I can achieve that beach wave loose curls style
    with Bobby Spins and look great while getting there.Spins are practically invisible.
    No more hair band tangles or snapped strands. Yay!

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    posted Jan 21, 2015
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  • Annapolis
    Normal Hair
    Color Treated Hair
    4 Star Rating
    Fun Twist On Making A Twist
    I always have trouble making updos or french twist like creations. These bobby pins made it so easy to throw it up and have it stay up and created a style all on their own.
    For anyone who is updo-challenged as I am, I highly recommend trying these.
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    posted Feb 27, 2012
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