Mini Couture Jaw Clip

The France Luxe Mini Couture Jaw Clip is the perfect solution to hold back fine hair and long bangs.
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  • United States
    Fine or Thin Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Best Hair Clip Ever For Fine Hair!!
    I have been using these hair clips for about 12 years and I won't buy any other brand! They may be small, however, they are sturdy and hold my fine (not thin) hair all day without needing to be readjusted. For me, these clips add a touch of elegant style without tons of effort.

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    posted May 3, 2014
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    Dark Brown
    Normal Hair
    Thick or Coarse Hair
    5 Star Rating
    A Mighty Mini Clip
    Super cute and really strong, the France Luxe Mini Couture Jaw Clip holds more that you'll expect. If you have long hair, don't expect to pull it all back and keep it in place, but it's perfect for half-tail styles, making a better fit against the back of your head for this style than standard or giant jaw clips.

    Run your thumbs straight back above your ears to meet at the back of your head, give the gathered hair a half twist, and secure in place with the Mini Clip. It'll hold perfectly all day, and because they're small, the clips are perfect for work or dressy occasions as well as casual days.

    If you've got two of these, you've just added at least two more styling options -- as a VIP Reviewer, we receive just enough for testing, so I'm going to have to buy a second one. I've pulled my hair up, diagonally, on one side of my head, stopping at the top of my scalp and securing my hair like a barrette; and it looks very cute. The clip's teeth are made from a well-rounded, smooth plastic. I've risked the chance of hair damage to thoroughly test the Mini Couture Jaw Clip, and each time I pulled the clip down and out of my hair, it slip right out without a catch.

    I received the marble-like Onyx, and the product picture is perfect; the colors are correct. If you look at the dimensions of this little clip, you might think it's too small, but I was very pleasantly surprised by its strength and versatility.
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    posted Oct 20, 2010
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