¼" Ultra Comfort Headband

Extremely flexible and bendable, the France Luxe ¼" Ultra Comfort Headband is a simple solution to quickly add color and style to your tresses.
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  • New York
    Dark Brown
    Normal Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Resilient And Pretty Comfortable Headbands
    While these headbands cost significantly more than the drugstore variety, they last despite regular use and sometimes inadvertent abuse. My France Luxe headband has maintained its shape and, on most days, proves remarkably comfortable. I also have smooth, straight hair that usually does not take to hair adornments well. Other, less well-made plastic headbands tend to shatter if I drop them and lose their resilience within weeks. I recommend this product for people who don't mind subtler designs and using items objects for years rather than weeks or months.
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    posted Dec 30, 2013
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  • Philadelphia
    Medium Brown
    Dry Hair
    Color Treated Hair
    5 Star Rating
    Really Pretty
    This is a really pretty little headband. It's very flexible and doesn't hurt my head at all. My only gripe is that I have a lot of hair and it sometimes gets lost because it's so small.
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    posted Jan 18, 2011
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  • 5 Star Rating
    For Guys & Gals!
    My BF has been growing out his hair and now has a bob just off his shoulders. I'm a headband freak & I've been looking for some headbands for him that look cute and stylish without being too girly. I love these headbands on him! The combs hold his thick hair back and the different colors match just about whatever he has on. He can wear them all day at work and then out in the evening. I got several so we can wear 'em together!
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    posted May 11, 2010
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