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Turbo Power Forma 1" Flat Iron

The revolutionary Turbo Power Forma Professional Wet/Dry Ceramic and Tourmaline Flat Iron with Biostone is the most innovative flat iron available today.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.

The Turbo Power Forma Flat Iron gives amazing control for professional styling and ironing, with power, speed, and an ergonomic design. This iron can be used wet or dry and features a range of controls, such as 6 temperature settings ranging from 200ºF - 450ºF and one-touch temperature control and LED indicator. The Bio Radiation feature revitalizes hair cells to provide healthy, shiny, silky-straight results.

  • Model#: 346   /  
  • SKU: 002929   /  
  • Guaranteed Authentic
  • Ventilation system equipped to evaporate extra moisture and provide wet or dry use
  • Bio radiation: the rare bio stone elements fused into the irons plate cultivate the hair with bio properties, high F.I.R. rates, cleansing abilities, and moisture enhancement. These properties work simultaneously to revitalize hair cells and provide healthy, shiny, silky-straight results
  • High quality ceramic heaters inside the iron which enables a fast heat-up time, as well as desired maintenance for each temperature setting
  • Diverse temperature settings: choose from 6 main temperature settings ranging between 200 degrees to 450 degrees, and easily adjust to accommodate your specific hair type
  • One touch temperature control and LED indicator
  • Rotating swivel cord to prevent wrist exhaustion while increasing mobility
  • Multi functional switches
  • Convenient carrying pouch included
  • One year warranty from date of purchase
  • Made in Korea
Plug Type: Standard
Technology : Digital, Infra-red, Wet to Dry
Max Temperature: 450 Degrees Fahrenheit
Included Bonus: Pouch
Voltage: 120
Cord Type: Swivel Cord
Warranty: 1 Year(s)
Min Temperature: 200 Degrees Fahrenheit
Material: Ceramic
Plate Size: 1 Inch

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  • Dissapointed 2 Star Rating
    This flat iron did make my hair very smooth as an end result, but I was very disappointing over all. Compared to other wet to dry flat irons, it does not hold a candle in speed or efficiency. It did not seem to get very hot, even on the highest setting, and I had to still blow dry my roots at the end of the tedious process. Unless you have thinner hair, and frizz reduction is your main priority, go with a different option.

    Was this review helpful?

    Feb 12, 2015
    Light Brown / Color Treated Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • This Flat Iron Made Me Love My Long Hair Again 5 Star Rating
    I have ridiculously long hair. Over the years I've become accustomed to letting it air-dry overnight so I don't have to spend an hour air-drying it, 30 minutes blow-drying it, then another 20 straightening/styling it. When my old straightener broke, I decided to try a wet-to-dry iron. The results have been better than I could have ever hoped.

    It takes maybe 20 minutes to get my hair from sopping wet to dry (dry enough, anyway. Bone-dry takes about 30 minutes). And unlike a blow dryer, it's quiet, so I can watch TV or something while doing my hair.

    I've been styling my hair every day for the past two weeks, and I just love doing it now! This flat iron makes my hair look the way it does when I go to the salon. I've had nothing but good hair days since buying this flat iron.

    I was planning to chop my hair super-short this summer, but now that I've got this flat iron, maybe I'll wait another year or so, until I get bored of it... if I ever get bored!

    Was this review helpful?

    May 22, 2012
    / BC, Canada
    Blonde / Normal Hair
  • Disappointed 3 Star Rating
    I was super excited to receive this iron--based on previous reviews--but was very disappointed by the actual results. I tried it both Wet and Dry.

    I have never used a Wet Iron before, so I can't compare to other brands...but it didn't do much of anything. I think using a blow dryer and then regular straightening iron (as I normally do) would take the same, if not less, time.

    Nevertheless, if it did well as a dry-iron, I would have been satisfied. But, honestly, it did just as good of job as my $30 Hot Tools ceramic iron. My hair is wavy and slightly thick, and I had to go over it many times. I can't imagine it working well on very curly or coarse hair! One thing I like is that it didnt make my hair fall flat, as some irons do.

    Was this review helpful?

    Jun 30, 2011
    / Baltimore
    Dark Brown / Normal Hair
  • Flat Iron With All The Best Qualities! 5 Star Rating
    I LOVE this flat iron. I have frizzy hair with a thin hair shaft. The wind makes my hair frizz! But with this flat ion, it stays straight and it looks shiny and feels smooth, without breakage! Several days ago was the test, the humidity was over 90% and my hair stayed pretty darn straight, the best it's ever looked on a rainy, humid day. Since I have been using it, I've received many compliments about how healthy my hair looks. It's definitely worth the price, you won't be sorry.

    Was this review helpful?

    Apr 30, 2011
    Light Brown / Dry Hair / Curly Hair / Color Treated Hair / Fine or Thin Hair
  • A Must Have Wow 5 Star Rating
    Like other have stated this is the best flat iron ever. I have used so many other brands and this one is just the best. There is no comparison to other flat irons. This iron does not pull my hair and it truly leaves my hair straight and silky soft. I love the features and the temp control. this is a must have iron I also bought the Turbo Power dryer 4000 it is also an incredible dryer.

    Was this review helpful?

    Apr 16, 2011
  • Best. Flatiron. Ever. 5 Star Rating
    I just bought this to replace a Croc wet-to-dry iron. I have used every brand under the sun - chi, T2, Croc, Solia, GHD, etc. This is by far the best flat iron I have used. It has cut my ironing time in half. It is fast, It does not tug or pull my hair. It gets out the toughest little kinks which other flatirons could never get quite straight. It makes my hair very shiny, smooth and frizz-free.

    I have shoulder length, coarse, very wavy hair that has a mind of its own and this works like magic.

    Was this review helpful?

    Jan 28, 2011
    / Sacramento
    Dark Brown / Dry Hair / Curly Hair / Color Treated Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Wonderful :) 5 Star Rating
    I was pretty skeptical about this flat iron because I've never heard of this brand before, but the reviews posted were very positive and provocative so I gave it a shot and made the purchase. It's smaller than I than imagined (actually, I think it's a bit smaller than usual for a one-inch), but it's also VERY light weight, which is a huge plus for me. It does glide through hair very smoothly as well! Really, my hair looks so much healthier, although my dead ends are more evident now. Still, the rest of my hair (minus my already-damaged ends) looks great, even less frizzy and more flat than before. LOVE IT. It goes from 200-450 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can only choose temperatures at every fifty degrees (i.e. 200, 250, 300, etc.) Not really a downside since I only need the highest setting. Really satisfied with it so far :)

    Was this review helpful?

    Dec 27, 2010
    / California
    Medium Brown / Dry Hair / Curly Hair / Color Treated Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • The Best You Can Get! 5 Star Rating
    I agree with the first poster!!!! I cannot believe that Forma doesn't have more reviews. I started using this flat iron after my T3 broke and I decided to replace it with the exact one my stylist uses. I don't know why I didn't make the switch sooner. I have had many high end irons and this blows all the rest out of the water.

    Was this review helpful?

    Aug 14, 2010
    / Chicago
    Blonde / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Highly Recommended! 5 Star Rating
    I found out about this iron because my hairdresser used it in the salon. I made sure I got the same exact one. You know that if they use it in the salon it's got to last long and endure all types of hair. I have long, thick, wavy hair and it straightens it perfectly and makes it silky smooth. And I've been through many many irons (Helen of Troy, Blue Sapphire, Hot Tools, CHI, Bion Japanese) and this is by far the best. The only thing I didn't like about it is that when I took it to London with me and plugged it into the US>UK adapter it blew out and I needed to get it replaced. But I wrote the company and they replaced it for free. Good customer service. Highly recommended! I felt bad for the Forma not having any reviews, so I will be the first!

    Was this review helpful?

    Apr 2, 2010
    / Illinois
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