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Turbo Power

Turbo Power Forma Diamond Nano Ceramic Flat Iron 1"

Turbo Power Forma Diamond Nano Ceramic Flat Iron features smooth, diamond coated plates and infra-red heat and negative ion dispensing holes for an effortless glide and beautiful hair.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Turbo Power Forma Diamond Nano Ceramic Flat Iron features smooth, diamond coated plates and infra-red heat and negative ion dispensing holes for an effortless glide and beautiful hair. Includes patented color-coded temperature display with variable heat control so you know the temperature of the flat iron at all times. Available in 1" and 1 1/4", the Turbo Power Forma Diamond is the professional #1 choice for Keratin treatments.

    SKU: 007992

  • Features
    • Patented color-coded temperature display technology
    • Smooth, diamond coated plates for effortless glide
    • Ceramic technology for instant heat and recovery
    • 18 fully digital temperature settings from 280F to 450F
    • Creates balanced, humidity free hair styles
    • Features infra-red heat and negative ion dispensing holes in the casing
    • 40 minute auto shut-off safety feature
    • Available in 1" or 1 1/4"
    • Professional 9 foot length swivel cord
    • Worldwide dual voltage
  • About the brand
  • For over 30 years, Turbo Power has been producing professional hair dryers and flat irons to fit stylists needs. Durable, long-lasting and tough, Turbo Power styling tools include Italian-made hair dryers and ceramic flat irons capable of daily use without compromising beautifully shiny results.

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  • First Flat Iron 5 Star Rating
    I love it! I had been wearing my natural hair which is curly/wavy and I wanted a change. I went to a new salon and the stylist used this flat iron on my hair and said if ever there's a problem with Forma would replace it. In one pass she was able to take me from curly to straight. It was also easy to use on my daughter's hair whose hair is much thicker and longer than mine. I tried the Chi from my employee but I wanted the flexibility of changing heat settings. After looking at You Tube and listening to the experience of someone else who purchased the product, I decided to make my purchase. I have not looked back or regretted my decision. It's a worthy investment so far. I would recommend it especially to women of color.

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    Curly Hair
  • Worked Good... For About 5 Uses. 1 Star Rating
    I bought this flat iron on 12/04/12, it is now 01/19/13 and it will not heat up at all. It gets to 104 degrees then makes this high pitched beeping noise and says "ERR" where the temperature is suppose to be displayed. Then it shuts off completely. I have tried plugging it into different outlets and even into an outlet in somebody elses house... same results. BUSTED!

    I did not drop or abuse this iron in any way. My hair is already fairly straight so I used it at 280 degrees tops. I loved the results I got when it worked properly. Straight, soft, shiny, and no static at all. But I only got to use it about 5 times before it wouldn't work. Luckily I still had my old (working) Sedu lying around.

    I feel like I wasted $103 dollars. (Had a coupon code which is why I didn't pay $129.) Now I have to pay $10 to ship a defective product back and risk getting another defective one. I'm thinking of buying an Amika instead. I heard they last longer then 5 uses. :/

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    / New Jersey
    Blonde / Fine or Thin Hair
  • Great Straightener With Fantastic Results 5 Star Rating
    The Forma Diamond Nano Ceramic flat iron is certainly incomparable to other flat irons that I have used. For one, it has a digital temperature display where you are able to straighten your hair at a temperature that comfortable for you. It is great for people who are worrisome about heat damage. If you donâ??t want to go past a certain temperature, you have this option. I have thick, kinky hair and this flat iron was able to straighten my hair perfectly. I believe this can be attributed to the diamond coated plates. It does go up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and this is definitely a plus for thicker textures. The result I received was soft, smooth strands that looked like I had just left the salon. I also love that I can create easy curls and flips with the Forma Diamond. If you are looking for a flat iron that does it all, this is a great choice!

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    Dark Brown / Curly Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Great 5 Star Rating
    I purchased this iron b/c it is the one used by my hair dresser. She's been doing my hair for a while and I noticed that there is very little damage to my hair. I wanted to save $ by skipping my weekly hair appointment and going once a month instead and this has worked out great! It's so easy to use, heats up in seconds, glides smoothly over my hair (which by the way is the product of a spanish and african blend of parenting resulting in a very curly, thick mop of unrelaxed hair). I've only had it for a couple weeks so I can't say how long or well it will hold up but I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting. I run at least three days a week and putting my hair up in a high ponytail so the ends won't brush against my sweaty neck ( I def. perspire!) maintains the straight style. Depending on how much I sweat I may have to touch up the middle but in a couple quick passes the style is flawlessly straight again.

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    Curly Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
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