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HAI 1.0 NEO Styling Iron

The HAI 1.0 NEO Styling Iron is designed specifically for damaged, color or chemically treated hair as well as fine to medium hair.
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  • Overview
  • Revolutionary NEO plate material provides complete damaged control technology. The NEO textured plates create more surface area contact with hair, to cradle and separate hair, leaving the hair shaft round to maintain natural volume.

    NEO Plates control the transmission of heat to hair to reduce thermal damage. NEO plates are infused with Nano Tourmaline creating negative ions and far-infrared rays.

    What is Damaged Control Technology?

    Damage Control Technology is the next evolution in heated styling appliances building off the original Ceramic Fusion Technology and pushing it to the next level. DCT works on multiple levels to significantly reduce hair breakage and damage. DCT is the secret to NEO plates found exclusively on the HAI 1.0 NEO Styling Iron.

    How Does it Work?

    NEO plates have a unique textured surface which create more contact with hair; so more hair moves against the heated surface rather than rubbing against other hairs which is a major cause of splitting and damage

    NEO plates separate hair and cup the hair shaft, leaving the hair shaft round with its natural volume - instead of flattened and compressed where bending and breakage can occur.

    NEO plates transfer heat to hair in a controlled manner to reduce heat damage yet maintain style efficacy for all hair types

    NEO plates with DCT create less friction than any other material for the smoothest glide with zero pulling or snagging of the hair.

    NEO plates are infused with Nano Tourmaline to generate negative ions and far-infrared rays for added health benefits such as increased shine and reduced frizz/static.

    What is Damaged Control Technology good for?

    Specifically engineered for color-treated, chemically treated hair, and optimal hair health for every day heat appliance users. This flat iron is not recommended for extremely thick, coarse hair.

    Model#: H-0319   /   SKU: 008432

  • Features
    • 1" wide NEO plates
    • Less friction than ceramic plates
    • Smoothest glide possible - no pulling or snagging
    • Damage Control Technology works simultaneously in multiple dimensions
    • Digital temperature control features
    • Variable heat settings (250ºF-450ºF)
    • Memory button saves your last used heat setting
    • 60-minute auto shut-off
    • 9-foot 360º swivel professional power cord
    • TUV certification
  • About the brand
  • HAI® has built a legacy of integrity that separates it from its competitors. HAI® was the first to bring ceramic flat iron technology to the Professional Styling Tool industry. The HAI® brand has always stood for superlative products and authentic relationships that are tried, tested and true. HAI® has established a trust with beauty enthusiasts that is built on integrity and a level of customer service that is unparalleled.

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  • Great On My Thick Hair! 5 Star Rating
    I really love this flat iron! The textured plates work great straightening my thick coarse, color treated hair without damaging it. I would definitely this for hair to straighten hair, like mine!

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    / Florida
    Color Treated Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Kept My Volume With This Iron 5 Star Rating
    I just got this iron and I'm just loving it. My hair is real the thing is I don't like to iron my hair. It just makes it look flat. I heard this one keeps volume so once my stylist did it, I believed her. Now I love it. The typical iron flattens hair so much that for some of us that isn't a good thing. Yeah I want my hair straight but not at the cost of losing my volume. So this new type of iron is amazing for anyone wanting volume!

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    / United States
    Medium Brown / Fine or Thin Hair
  • Hai Neo 3 Star Rating
    The plates on this iron are unlike anything I've ever seen. When I saw it, I was skeptical as to whether it would actually straighten my hair. The first time, it did get my hair straight, but I think it had too much body and it seemed like my hair would not hold up in humidity. The second time, my hair did become dry and the result wasn't so good. So I was disappointed with this product. Even though it is marketed as having damage control technology, you still have to exercise the same precautions you would with another flat iron.

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    Dark Brown / Fine or Thin Hair
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