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Croc Hybrid Curling Iron

Croc Hybrid Curling Iron features the ease of a spring-style clamp curling iron with the rotating handle of a marcel, making it easy for wrapping the hair around the barrel evenly and quickly.
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  • Overview
  • Croc Hybrid Curling Iron features the ease of a spring-style clamp curling iron with the rotating handle of a marcel, making it easy for wrapping the hair around the barrel evenly and quickly. Advanced ceranyx (ceramic + onyx) is constantly radiating far-infrared rays and negative ions into the hair. This helps to reduce damage and give a high gloss finish, with silkier results to the hair. Double heating system heats up quickly with a maximum temperature of 430F for the thickest of hair. LED digital display with 3 heat settings, for fine, medium, and coarse hair. This hybrid iron allows you to style as you please.

    SKU: 008053

  • Features
    • Hybrid function combines a spring curling iron and a marcel curling iron
    • Spring style clamp with a marcel rotating handle
    • Makes it easy for wrapping the hair around the barrel evenly and for quick and easy style
    • Advanced ceranyx (ceramic + onyx)
    • With heat, the advanced ceranyx barrel is constantly radiating far-infrared rays and negative ions into hair
    • Helps to reduce damage and give a high gloss, silky result to hair
    • Double heating system heats up quickly
    • Maximum temperature of 430F
    • Variable temperature control with 3 different heat settings
    • Heat settings apply to different kinds of hair: 370F for fine, 400F for medium, and 430F for coarse
    • LED digital heat display
    • Cool tip temperature indicator - when the temperature is up to workable grade, the circle will change color to white
    • Auto shut off feature
    • Activated when no movement is detected for 50 minutes
    • Dual voltage for worldwide use
    • Non-tangle 360 degree swivel cord
    • Ergonomic hybrid design
    • Lock/unlock features for snag-free and easy unwinding
    • One touch easy clamp
  • About the brand
  • Croc by Turbo Ion flat irons feature patented safety features and advanced ceramic and ionic technologies for salon quality styling. Croc transforms your style with a host of inventive technologies including the Automatic Temperature Reserve, an energy saving technique that reduces working temperature in between uses and activates when you pick your Croc back up. Get the latest technology for a safe, quick and easy styling.

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  • Hazard To Hairdressers 1 Star Rating
    Unfortunately, I turned to this product to use professionally in salon with on my clients. And, of the two days I tried to use it, I grabbed the wrong end (since the entire product is black and has no safety identification to which end is the hot end) burning and blistering my hand as did another stylist just trying to take a try at the product. I'm pretty upset and had to cancel out my day of further clients due to my burns.

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  • Do Not Buy! 1 Star Rating
    Ok, so I read the previous reviews before I bought the curling iron. I said "maybe it was just their curling iron or maybe they were just misusing it."

    I was wrong. The first day I went to use it the spring broke. Why does the spring break? Because CROC made shortcuts and instead of using screws/metal to hold the spring and barrel together like most curling irons they used plastic.

    But that wasn't all. I unboxed the device and plugged it up. Then I went to the bathroom to get my mirror and when I came back it was off. I thought I was going crazy! So I turned it back on, gathered my grease, comb and brush and I looked back and it was turned off. I was like "ok, now I know for sure I'm not crazy."

    This device has serious problems with the electrical side of the curler and I experienced what the other reviewer said with the power shortening out. Then I experienced what a separate reviewer said about her curling iron breaking. I sent it back.

    I've always used CROC products. I have the flat iron, blow dryer and after waiting what seems like FOREVER for Folica to get the curling iron in the 1.25 length (1 and 1/4th) I am deeply dissatisfied.

    In my short time of using the product I did see a few positives:

    1. The ring at the end of the barrel turns white when it's fully heated so you know it has reached the temperature you desire.

    2. It makes smooth curls and leaves your hair shiny.

    3. It is great for African American hair. I was a bit skeptic since a lot of products aren't made for the hair texture of African Americans but this did well.

    Some negatives from my test trial:

    1. Yeah, it gets up to 430 degrees but you only get 3 heat settings. With my CROC flat iron I can adjust in 10 degree increments but with the curling iron you cannot. You must accept the 3 settings (fine, medium and course). The course setting goes to 430 degrees but if your hair is in between these 3 settings you're screwed.

    2. The curling iron comes with a 1 year warranty but when I contacted Croc they said there's a $40 fee to replace it but luckily I was in the 30 day return period for Folica so I just reached out to them instead and sent it back. $40 is a lot for every return on the curling iron especially when it only cost $90.

    If there were ever a product where you should take the review seriously it is THIS product. Do not buy it unless you want to be paying replacement fees all year long and after the 1 year warranty is up have it turned into a "clipless curling iron". If you want a clipless curling iron just buy one of those instead...

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    / United States
    Dark Brown / Thick or Coarse Hair / Relaxed Hair
  • Great Product 2 Star Rating
    This curling Iron is really great, it does exactly what I want curling iron to do with ease and makes the curls last all day long and look great, HOWEVER.... 1 month into using this iron, it broke. Its not COMPLETELY BROKEN, it just shuts off ALL OF THE TIME when I am using it. So I am assuming there is something wrong with the wiring.

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    / Westland, MI
    Curly Hair
  • Loved This Curling Iron...until It Broke After 2 Weeks! 2 Star Rating
    I loved this curling iron. I received 1/12/2013, used it for a week, then threw the box out because I was definitely keeping this iron. My hair looked great, soft and smooth and the curl lasted all day. The iron is easy to use and I did not have any problems with my hair getting caught as another reviewer mentioned. I have long, rather silky but thick hair that is not easy to curl and to get the curl to last. So I thought I had found the perfect iron. This morning (1/29/13 after 2 weeks) I was curling my hair when in the middle of rotating the iron, the clamp fell off. After a few minutes getting the iron to cool and then working to try to get the clamp back on, it became obvious that it wasn't going to happen as something inside had actually broken. I will be sending it back, not sure if I will ask for a refund or an exchange, like it but don't want the hassle of a iron that breaks. I have had many curling irons in my day and even the cheapest have lasted 2 years or more.

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    Blonde / Normal Hair / Color Treated Hair
  • Croc Hybrid Curling Iron 3 Star Rating
    I love everything about the way this one inch curling iron looks - so sleek and modern! I love the little stand that's just on there, and you don't have to flip it back. I love the buttons and really all of the design details! I've been looking for a new curling iron for a long time and wanted to love this one! I used it on the 430 degree setting on some of my hair and the 400 degree setting for the rest of my hair. The 430 degree setting gave me better, bouncier curls (both setting gives long-lasting curls btw) but...both heat settings gave my hair a burnt smell unfortunately. I'm used to some steam when using a curling iron but the steam while curling was excessive and the lasting burnt smell made me conclude that it definitely did some damage to my hair. I have long, thick, non-color treated hair (mid-back) and I need to keep it as healthy as possible between hair cuts to avoid ratty-looking split ends. I feel like if I had kept this iron I would've damaged my hair and ended up with that dreaded ragged long hair look so I returned it. I should also mention that there's a spot between the iron and the tip where there's a rubber circle that turns white when the iron has reached the desired temperature - this also makes for a horrible little snare that caught my hair several times and unfortunately ripped it out (lost a couple of clumps this way) so you have to be very careful not to wrap your hair too close to the end of the iron. I love all of the concepts this iron offers (especially the safety plastic tip so I don't burn my head and all that I already mentioned as well as the length of the iron and swivel cord) but it just needs a few adjustments to make it better. It's too bad this one didn't work out for me - the search continues...

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    Normal Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Favourite Curling Iron! 5 Star Rating
    I want to start out by saying I'm extremely impressed with this curling iron. I've been in the market for a new curling iron for quite some time now, but never bothered looking into getting a new one because my old Conair, I thought, did the job. After using this curling iron only once, I knew I could never go back to my old Conair. What really stood out to me with this curling iron was how shiny my hair was with use. With my Conair, I always had to add product to achieve a high gloss shine. The Croc adds shine through their hybrid Ceranyx (Ceramic + Onyx) design. There are a ton of features that impressed me with this curling iron. Even the small features like the little built-in stand impressed me. I hate having to fuss with things. The stand is always in place and you don't have to fold it up or down depending on usage. It is small enough to be out of the way, but large enough to keep your curling iron off of a flat surface. If you are a regular user of hot tools, you know that many manuals feature a chart with temperature setting guidelines. What I love about this iron is that the guidelines are on the handle so you don't have to go rooting through your manual to see what setting your hair falls under. I like to keep mine at the medium setting (400F) as my hair is neither fine nor coarse. Another stand out feature is the ergonomic design. I can tell the curling iron is properly weighted and at no point was it ever awkward or uncomfortable to hold. I also love the rubber grip tip at the end so that I can have more control over the barrel. The clasp is also very easy to push open. I like that it is not an elevated handle so you have no chance of pinching your fingers. This curling iron has basically every feature you could possible want. From auto shut off, to a 360 swivel cord, all your needs are covered. Design and performance blew me out of the water. I would definitely repurchase this curling iron and other sizes of barrels.

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    Dark Brown / Normal Hair / Color Treated Hair
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