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Cortex Professional Digital 4-in-1 Titanium Clipless Curling Iron

Cortex Professional Digital 4-in-1 Titanium Clipless Curling Iron features 4 interchangeable heads, each with high quality titanium to promote smoother, silkier hair.
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  • Overview
  • Cortex Professional Digital 4-in-1 Titanium Clipless Curling Iron features 4 interchangeable heads, each with high quality titanium to promote smoother, silkier hair. Digital temperature control and a non-melting rope cord make this the most advanced interchangeable barrel curling iron.

    The Cortex curling iron gives you a full and natural look that cannot be duplicated with any other brand and is the most versatile curling iron on the market today. Create numerous styles ranging from tight ringlets to spirals to large curls and waves that can all be created with this one iron!

    Model#: CTX-4N1PROT   /   SKU: 007961

  • Features
    • Four titanium interchangeable heads: ½", 1", 1½", 2"
    • Ionic technology to promote smoother, silkier hair
    • Far-infrared technology distributes heat evenly, preventing damage
    • Sleek, ergonomic non-slip grip designed for professional comfort
    • Includes FREE Storage Pouch and Heat Resistant Glove!!
    • Limited lifetime warranty
  • About the brand
  • Cortex International believes your hair speaks volumes about you, that's why Cortex offers flat irons and curling tools to help you express your hairstyle. Since 2004, Cortex has been creating styling tools with ceramic technology to help you achieve a variety of styles from straight to curly and everything in between.

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  • New Favorite Iron! 5 Star Rating
    The Cortex 4-in-1 Titanium set has been the only tool I've been using on my hair since buying it. It gets me beautiful curls in both my real hair and my clip-in extensions.

    My favorites are the two middle sized barrels (1 1/2" and 1" tapered), which by the way, are very easy to change. It heats up fast and I don't need to turn it all the way to 400+ degrees to make my curls stay all day. I'd say that's a plus with my hair type!

    I just wish it had a stand, like a lot of curling irons do. So I really suggest buying a heat mat or one of those hot iron holders if you don't have one. All in all I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a new curling iron.

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    / Woodbury, NJ
    Dark Brown / Color Treated Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Amazing Product! Absolutely Love It! 5 Star Rating
    I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to finally have found a line of products that actually WORK and continue to work, no matter how much you use them.

    I work in beauty and marketing, so I'm constantly trying new products, comparing different tools and doing quite a bit of research beforehand to make sure I know what I'm buying.

    The 4-in-1 is by far the BEST curling wand I've tried and trust me, I've tried at least 5 other brands. They either don't give me the results I want, or they stop working after a few uses and trying to return them, express your concerns, or get a new product is IMPOSSIBLE.

    Whether you're looking for large voluminous curls, or tight ringlet curls, the 4-in-1 allows you to achieve any look you want with ONE tool. I love the versatility and ease of use. It's comfortable to grip and you can choose your own temperature, which is a BIG deal for me because I have blonde highlights and cannot trust a product like the CHI wand that doesn't tell you how high the heat is getting. Products like these ultimately end up heating your hair at a MUCH higher temperature than they should be. Ever notice the wispy hairs around your face? Those aren't baby hairs sweetheart, that's breakage from too high of heat exposure on your hair.

    The interchangeable barrels are the best invention because when I curl my hair, I like to have larger waves on the bottom layers, but smaller curls around my face and Cortex Pro's 4-in-1 allows me to achieve different sized curls in one look with one product. It's SO easy - and the best part is - I don't have to keep plugging in and heating different irons while getting lost in cords all over my bathroom.

    I've had my iron for about 6 months now and probably use it twice a week, sometimes three times. The curls last for 3 days and I can actually say that my hair looks even better on the third day.

    I'm a bit shocked at some of the negative reviews on this product because I have yet to say anything bad about it after 6 months. However, one of the selling factors for me was the fact that Cortex Pro offers a full lifetime warranty on their products. Before purchasing the 4-in-1, I did a lot of research on other curling wands. I was tired of buying new tools every couple of months because they stopped working or simply fell apart. Being backed by a lifetime warranty is a HUGE deal for me and I read that Cortex Pro is the ONLY hair tool line that offers this. I haven't experienced any problems with my 4-in-1, or any other Cortex Pro products that I have purchased, but it's reassuring to know that even if I do, whether it's a month from now or 5 years from now, Cortex Pro will make it right and send me a new one. Aside from having an amazing product that helps you achieve amazing results, the lifetime warranty in itself should help make your decision easy.

    Cortex Pro has my vote and I've also fallen in love with the Steamliner Vaport Iron and Supro Dryer as well. I HIGHLY recommend Cortex Pro to everyone I talk to, my clients, my friends, even my hair stylist uses only Cortex Pro tools now! Try it out and see for yourself, I'm confident it won't leave you feeling anything but satisfied and GORGEOUS!

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    Light Brown / Normal Hair / Fine or Thin Hair
  • Amazing Tool For Your Hair Arsenal! 5 Star Rating
    I was so surprised by this product!
    After reading some of the reviews I was unsure about the purchase, but I really needed a tool that was easy to travel with and I wanted to test it before I brought it into my salon.
    I do I TON of weddings and up do's are coming for holiday season.
    The iron is hot, but with a thermal glove or even a face cloth I easily unlock and slide out the barrel.
    The barrel heats up quickly to a solid 450 and maintains the heat consistently through out the style.
    Perhaps the initial batch that previous customers purchased had a defect, but mine works great! And with a lifetime warranty I have no worries!

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    Dark Brown / Normal Hair / Color Treated Hair
  • Impossible 1 Star Rating
    I received this as a gift from my husband lady week. Looked cool, I was impressed! However trying to use it is another story.
    I constantly change the temperature down while curling and it never seems hot enough. Even at 450 I feel like it's not making the curls hold. Another thing I don't like is its impossible to change the rods when hot. You have to wait 15 mins for them to cool before you can Saftey change them. Product looks great but it's not a quality product. I wish I could return it. :-(

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    / LA
    Dark Brown / Normal Hair
  • Love, Love, Love It!!! Beautiful Results :) 5 Star Rating
    I have really long hair (almost to my back) and it would usually take 45min-1hour to curl my hair... With this wand it takes me 10-15min (I usually use the 2" to make big waves). Curls never really stayed in my hair for a long time, but with the Cortex 4-in-1 Titanium Wand the curls stay in for at least 2 days without needing to heat the wand too much or needing to use an excessive amount of hairspray or hair product. I would definitely recommend using the glove if this is your first time with a curling wand. I also love how you can make so many different types of curls with this wand.

    A difficulty I had was that it was difficult to remove/change the barrels... although that might have just been because of my inexperience with the wand (but it can be done!). In addition, it is difficult to avoid pressing buttons while curling, so I accidentally change the temperature very often without noticing.

    I did a lot of research before I bought this product and I am very happy with it, so overall I would definitely recommend this product.

    Hope this helped! Enjoy :)

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    / Canada
    Dark Brown / Normal Hair / Relaxed Hair
  • Great 5 Star Rating
    This aluminum version is very sleek and works great!!!

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    Light Brown / Normal Hair
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