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Amika True Tattoo Clip-Free Curler

The SPECIAL EDITION Amika True Tattoo Clip-Free Curler has an 18/25 mm tourmaline barrel that easily creates silky, smooth curls.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • This Amika curler allows you to quickly and easily create professional quality hairstyles while leaving your hair healthy, silky-smooth, hydrated, and in place all day or night!

    Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions and far infrared heat, which provides faster styling. Negative ions eliminate frizz and close the cuticle to create smooth, shiny hair. Far infrared heat easily penetrates hair for faster styling with less damage. Temperature remains constant curl after curl, allowing you to work quickly while attaining consistent results. The clip free curler will not tug or break hair.

    SKU: 004095

  • Features
    • Rapid heating time - 33% faster than other curlers
    • Curler is 18 mm at tip and 25 mm at base
    • Softens hair faster and works to seal in hairs cuticle
    • Revolutionary instantaneous heat recovery feature - no heat loss
    • Silky, glossy results while still gentle on your hair
    • More consistent heat for faster styling time and less damage
    • For color treated hair - ceramic heat locks in color preventing early fading
    • Comes with FREE heat resistant glove
  • About the brand
  • amika—meaning "girlfriend" or "friend" in a number of languages—lives up to its name as hair's best friend. Designed in New York, amika creates intelligent products that encourage creativity and promote healthier hair. Infusing the latest technology with a creative edge, amika hair styling tools are born to perform and live to impress.

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  • Does What I Heard It Would Do! 4 Star Rating
    Well, I should start off by saying, I have the type of hair that does NOT hold curls. My hair is smooth texture average thickness.
    I watched a YouTube channel with a girl that does amazing hair-dos, she recommended this Amika True Tattoo Clip-Free Curler. She claimed people have even had two day curls with it.
    Turned out to be true!
    I didn't use any hair product at all, not even after curling with it.
    On the THIRD day, I actually had to wash my curls/waves out!
    I was impressed since I have such wimpy hair.
    If I was to lose or break my Amika True Tattoo Clip-Free Curler for some reason, I would honestly spend the money to replace it.

    Pros: Curls really did stay in all day (at least)!
    Didn't have to use hairspray.
    The tattoo design is awesome.

    Cons: I burned the heck out of my fingers when using it the first time. I actually broke down and used the glove that is included to finish off curling my hair. It was fine after that.
    The curls (on my hair type anyway) were more very significant, tight waves, rather than loopy ringlet type curls (some of you may consider that a pro! It looked very beachy and natural).

    Hope this review helps!

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    / Northwest Texas
    Dark Brown / Normal Hair / Dry Hair / Fine or Thin Hair / Chemically Treated Hair
  • Quick, Easy, Really Great <3 4 Star Rating
    I have had this curling iron for about 2 months now. I had been searching for a long time for a clipless curling iron before hand, so I had done my research before making my purchase. To be honest, this is a really great curling iron. I am not very good with making new hairstyles, but you can do so much with a clipless iron, that you cannot do with a regular curling iron.

    I have frizzy curly hair already, but sometimes, it is so hard to have defined curls, and this even helps me with that. You only need to hold it in your hair for a few seconds, and your hair comes out with beautiful, clean and very shine curls. I don't even use hairspray and they stay on for the whole day. I have a Sedu straightener and sometimes, my hair will not stay straight the whole day (that's how stubborn my hair is sometimes). And this curling iron actually eliminates frizz, defines very pretty and natural looking curls, with a very pretty shine.

    I am actually looking into getting the Amika 3p because I would like more variety with smaller and larger curls, especially since they are tourmaline infused rods.

    Over all very satisfied. If any downfall I have to complain about, it would have to be the awkward position of the on-off switch (wish it were a button).

    one more thing
    CAUTION this gets hot super duper quickly.. and when I say hot, i mean it. SUPER HOT.. First few times I was getting used to it, I got burned quite a few times. But after using it so much (close to 2-3 times a week), I find it easier to handle.

    Really great product (:

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    / San Antonio, Texas
    Dark Brown / Dry Hair / Curly Hair / Thick or Coarse Hair
  • Curls Last 5 Star Rating
    Great Curls, Easy to use.

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    / California
    Auburn / Normal Hair / Color Treated Hair
  • Great Lasting Curls 5 Star Rating
    This curling rod gives great curls, last overnight, not the best glove, makes hair slippery and hard to hold, this takes practice but better than burning your fingers : ) Would recommend this product

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  • Good On Even Fine Straight Hair! 5 Star Rating
    All my life I have been trying to curl my hair, and it always fell out within one hour. I use the medium curler from Amika now, and my curls stay in,(with the 2-1 hair spray), until the next time I wash my hair. I really love this and recommend it for women who have a difficult time keeping curls in their hair.

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  • This Iron Is Amazing 5 Star Rating
    This iron gives u gorgeous taylor swift curls.I love it

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    / Bayshore, NY. 11706
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