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Elchim Bi-Diffuser

Elchim Bi-Diffuser works with just about any standard dryer - thanks to it's special reversible rubber ring!
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Elchim Bi-Diffuser works with just about any standard dryer - thanks to it's special reversible rubber ring!

    SKU: 003386

  • Features
    • Lightweight rubber adjusts to fit most standard size hair dryers
    • Perfect uniform airflow with grill and soft grill attachments
    • Bi-Diffuser includes both grill attachments
    • Cuts down on drying time
    • Safe for dryers operating at high heat
  • About the brand
  • ELCHIM styling tools will blow you away! With over 60 years of experience, Italian-designed and made ELCHIM stands as an international leader in salon quality styling tools. Best known for the ELCHIM 2001 Professional hair dryer, ELCHIM flat irons and hair dryers balance power, performance and styling time for the ultimate styling results: shiny, smooth hair.

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  • Doesn't Fit 1 Star Rating
    Diffuser does not fit my model 2001 Elchim dryer. Called to complain to Folica, believing mine was just defective. They kindly sent me another. However, the same fused version arrived. Called and sent email to Elchim who has not responded. It may fit other models, but not mine. Very frustrating, not to mention the shipping costs to receive and then return it.

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  • Never Again 1 Star Rating
    I have an Elchin 2001 and this diffuser did not fit despite several attempts by myself and my husband. I emailed folica and my option was to call the manufacturer or return it. Returning it cost almost as much as the purchase price. Returns are not free!!!!
    I made the mistake of buying an item that needed to be fitted on the internet. I ended up going to a nearby beauty supply store with my blow dryer and we were able to find a perfect match.
    I don't mind buying something and needing to return it, but I do not like this return policy.

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    / California
  • Way Too Small 1 Star Rating
    Just a heads up- this diffuser doesn't fit almost any hair dryer. It is really small. I have a travel Conair hair dryer that I bought for a trip to Europe that seems to be a pretty standard sized dryer, but the diffuser is too small by a lot.

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  • So Versatile! 5 Star Rating
    I was so excited to find a diffuser compatible with my Elchim 2001 dryer! I have been using a cheap dryer that came with a diffuser for curly/wavy styles. I could only use my Elchim for straightening until now! I love it - three diffusers in one, and even extra rubber adjustments to fit different size dryers. The difference diffusing my hair with my Elchim vs. my cheapy was amazing!

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    / Philadelphia, PA, USA
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