Norvell SunMitt Sunless Infused Self-Tanning Mitt

Norvell SunMitt Sunless Infused Self-Tanning Mitt is designed to create a personalized tanning experience across a broad spectrum of skin tones.
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  • Overview
  • Norvell SunMitt Sunless Infused Self-Tanning Mitt is designed to create a personalized tanning experience across a broad spectrum of skin tones.

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  • Features

    • Norvell SunMitt is a single use self-tanning
    • The SunMitt will deliver a natural tan to any skin tone, fair to dark, giving the user a color specific to their on personal skin type, every time.
    • The user friendly applicator contains an inner liner to create a barrier between the hand and mitt, protecting hands and palms from color absorption.  Simply smooth the mitt over the skin to create a streak-free sunless glow.
    • he natural bronzer blend provides instant color, while the beautiful ""just off the beach"" sunless color begins to develop within 4 hours.
    • In Home or On-the-Go Self-Tanning
    • Fragrance:  Raspberry Almond


    • Prepare for your tan:  Exfoliation is not required, but for BEST results we ALWAYS recommend exfoliating the area to be tanned prior to application by using our eXMitt (with odor control) or your favorite exfoliator.  Avoid applying barrier creating products such as oils, creams, lotions and perfumes.
    • Opening the Package:   Using scissors; cut (do NOT tear) the foil pouch across the dotted line. Carefully pull apart the center plastic lining and slide your hand between the plastic layers as you would a glove.  With your hand in the mitt, carefully slide the mitt out of the foil package.
    • To Use: Beginning with your legs and working your way up; lightly and quickly disperse tanning solution over entire body.  Be thorough and complete.The Sun Mitt is infused with self- tanner on both sides.  Make sure you switch hands to apply all solution from both sides of the Sun Mitt.
    • After Application:  Let skin dry 3-4 minutes  before redressing.  It is recommended to wear dark, loose clothing while the tan completes the drying and color development process. You may complete a second application the following day to enhance results.
    • Color Results:  Cosmetic bronzer color will appear instantly.  However, cosmetic bronzers will wash away during your first shower, fear not, your tan is not washing away.  Your “DHA Sunless” color begins to develop within 3-4 hours, and will continue to darken over the 24 hours following application.
    • Caring for Your Tan:  Do not bathe, shower or exercise for 8 hours after application.  When showering avoid scrubbing & exfoliation as this can cause rapid tan wear.  Avoid chlorinated pools as chlorine is a bleaching chemical and will fade your tan.   Once product is applied tan will appear until the skin completes its natural exfoliation process (4-6 days).  You cannot scrub your tan away.  Sun Mitt results typically last 4-6 days.  You may extend the life of your tan by using Norvell Pro-Long Color Extending Moisturizer daily.
    • Helpful Hints: Avoid application to palms of hands.  Use sparingly around wrists, knees, ankles, feet and elbows, as they tend to absorb more color and may appear unnatural.  If the Sun Mitt begins feeling dry, simply reinsert into the foil pouch to absorb any remaining solution.  You may also lightly apply a few drops of water to either side of the mitt to dampen and reactivate any unused solution.

      *Hypo Allergenic, Non Comedogenic, Paraben Free
      *PETA Approved - NEVER Tested on Animals
      *Product contains no NUT oils.

  • About the brand
  • Norvell, a name synonymous with ground breaking sunless tanning innovation continues to develop and manufacture technological breakthroughs in the sunless industry.

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