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Fake Bake

Fake Bake 'Xtreme' Self Tanning Gel 6 oz.

With Fake Bake 'Xtreme' Self Tanning Gel you can satisfy your desire to elevate your tan to the deepest, darkest level with our new self-tanning gel.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • With Fake Bake 'Xtreme' Self Tanning Gel you can satisfy your desire to elevate your tan to the deepest, darkest level with our new self-tanning gel.

    SKU: 000905

  • Ingredients
  • Purified water, dihyroxyacetone, camellia sinesis leaf extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), retinyl palmitate (vitamin a), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e, sd alchol 40, polyacrylamide, c 13-14 isparaffin laureth-7, trimethylpentanediol-adipic acid copolymer, sodium pca, hydrolyzed elastin, fragrance, polysorbate 80, tetrasodium edta, imidazolidinyl urea, citrus acid, blue 1, yellow 5, yellow 6, red 40.

  • Features
    • Enhances your own pigment without streaks or turning you orange
    • Guaranteed to satisfy even the palest skin tones
    • Patent-pending formula


    Always wear gloves and exfoliate before the first application of any of self-tanning product. Pump into your gloved hand and apply in a circular motion. Apply once a week, or until desired color is achieved.

  • About the brand
  • Fake Bake has conquered the quest for a perfect tan that doesn't damage your health. Formulas are preservative-free and contain botanically extracted ingredients, which means no streaking or unpleasant odors and they're gentle enough for sensitive skin. Fake Bake products hydrate and protect your body without clogging pores so you can enjoy a luxurious experience and rich looking tan that's natural and safe.

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  • Gel Vs Lotion 4 Star Rating
    I have tried the fake bake lotion as well as the gel. My consensus is they both give a great color, coming from someone who has tried every self tanner in the world, I do really like this product because it looks like a real tan. It has a rich brown color and is not orange at all. For those that say the tan washes off, it's supposed to. I almost feel that these products are more like a skin stain than a sunless tanner. It may be intimidating at first because of the darkness (like chocolate syrup) but it looks nice on the first application even for fare skin. It is build-able, so if the tan isn't as dark as you would like you do it again the next night. It is important you exfoliate on the first usage and wash before each application thereafter to ensure proper absorption of the tan. Don't use any lotion, or oily products (I used a sugar scrub for exfoliating and it was too oily for my first go around) The lotion goes on more evenly than the gel upon application, however both appear equally as even after rinsing the next day. The gel has a more intense tanning factor I feel than the lotion. The gel however is quite sticky, the lotion is not. They are equally as messy, however it washes out of clothes/sheets. Either way you cant go wrong, but I would start with the lotion if you are a first time user. I would also buy a pack of latex gloves for application, the one pair that comes with the bottle just isn't enough. It also doesn't dry the skin out or look all crazy when your skin starts to shed like other tanners. Overall I really love this product. On a scale my favorites in order: 1. Fake Bake 2. Mystic Tan 3. Loreal Wipes 4. Sally Henson Airbrush Legs (not a tanner but amazing) 5. Breathe Delight Gradual Tanning Lotion Everything else kind of seems the same.

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    / United States
  • Fake Bake Hides Flaws 4 Star Rating
    Hi, I am a black person who has lighter imperfections in her skin, well, white imperfections. I tired of using liquid makeup as it would always come off. I tried this product and guess what? No more makeup no more coming off at inappropriate times. Its really very good. I hope they make it just a wee bit darker so I dont have to apply three coats.

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    / Atlanta
    African American
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