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Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish, watch it change right before your eyes!
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Indoors, Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish applies as one color. But once this UV nail polish is in the sunlight, it will suddenly transform into a different shade. This is a nail polish with solar activating ingredients, which gives it the ability to change colors in a matter of seconds!

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  • Guaranteed Authentic
  • Watch it change right before your eyes with Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish.
  • Each Ruby Wing shade is made with SolarActiveā„¢ technologyā€¯ into the description.
  • The photo-chromatic color changing technology allows you to go from day to night
  • An innovative polish that's sure to become a favorite among celebrity manicurists and nail color fans worldwide
  • Nail colors remain vegan, formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP-free 
  • The photo-chromatic color changing technology allows you to go from day to night
  • Change up your look with any of the brilliant professional nail lacquers


  • Start off by applying an even basecoat and allow some time for it to dry.  
  • Next, crack that perfect shade of nail color you've spent hours searching for and apply two thin coats. 
  • Emphasis on thin, because two thin coats of nail polish is better than one thick coat. 
  • Once your nail lacquer has dried, finish it your polish off with a top coat.

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  • Love, Love The Color 5 Star Rating
    Beautiful shade like the color change. Great us timer service.

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    Jul 2, 2014
    / New York
    Medium Brown / Color Treated Hair
  • Really Cool Nail Polish 5 Star Rating
    I Love this Nail Polish!! I purchased two: Myth, which is like a pinkish-nude. Very light; but changes to a really pretty darker pink. And, Meadow, which is silver and then changes to a mauve. People have commented on the silver and when I tell them it changes they can't believe it until I take them out in the sun! The polish dries fast; use about two coats; and has lasted me two weeks without any touch up. There was no chipping either; and yes, my hands have been in water or at the keyboard; don't know why others had a problem with the polish. I did not use a top coat. As for the price, you'd pay just as much for what is out there today in the drug stores. I like different things and this nail polish is just the thing for me!

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    Jun 6, 2014
    / United States/Florida
    Blonde / Normal Hair / Color Treated Hair
  • Amazed At Color Changes! 5 Star Rating
    I am absolutely blown away by this color changing nail polish. When you go out in the sun, within a matter of SECONDS, my nails turned from a very light pink shade to a super dark purple. Only seconds. How does it do that? Wearability was about three days before it started to wear off, but in all fairness I did not use a base or top coat.
    LOVE IT!

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    Sep 23, 2013
    / Cleveland, Ohio
  • Chips Quickly 3 Star Rating
    This is a pricy polish that chips quickly. My first manicure chipped in 3 days - I applied 3 coats (but no top coat sealer). My second manicure - I applied 2 coats and a topcoat sealer - so maybe the manicure will last longer - that remains to be seen. I still think it's a pricey polish!

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    Apr 29, 2013
    / Miami, FL
    Blonde / Curly Hair / Fine or Thin Hair
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