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Color Club Magnetic Nail Lacquer- HipNotic

Make waves with Color Club's HipNotic Magnetic Nail Polish- Just Apply Color Club's HipNotic lacquer to nail and Viola!
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  • United States
    1 Star Rating
    Fake Promises

    After reading the report here, I got this product from a professional supply store. I thought the product would perform as least as well as the other brands in the market if not better.

    I was greatly disappointed, it did not work. out of ten nails, I got faint results ( or perhaps I wanted it to work so much that my imagination is playing games?) in only three nails. I think this is a huge rip off.

    If you want magnetic nail polish, DO NOT buy this brand, most of the other commercial brands do a much better job than this one. At least that is my experience.

    I let my friend try this product as well, and she did not get any magnetic result at all.

    Seriously I do not recommend this brand for magnetic nail polish.

    good luck

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    posted Jul 24, 2012
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  • Ca
    5 Star Rating
    So Cool
    this magnet polish really works!
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    posted Apr 28, 2012
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