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Kiss Nail Dress Strips - Mini

Kiss Nail Dress Strips are fashion that sticks!
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  • United States
    3 Star Rating
    Great Product - Just Wish They Came Off Easier
    As somebody that is not good at nail art, I have always wanted to try nail stickers! I followed the instructions, slapped them on my nails, trimmed them, and voila, my nails were done.
    This product is easy to apply, but hard to file down. I had to trim it with nail clippers, and they were so sticky is was hard to cut.

    They lasted for a week, after going through a lot! These babies went through a lot, but stayed strong!

    When I went to take them off, the packing said to peel them off and I was skeptical. I was like "These have stayed on all week, no way they are coming off!". Well, they came off. And so did some layers of my nails.

    If there was a different way of removing these stickers - I'd be completely in. But they did destroy my nails a little bit. I will try them with a base coat on first and see how that helps.

    Otherwise, I will be using these just as accent nail stickers. I recommend this, great prints, but be careful, your nails might be damaged after.

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    posted Oct 20, 2012
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  • United States
    5 Star Rating
    So Many Compliments!
    These look like a million bucks. Strangers always stop me and ask about my nails. They always want to know where I got them done, did it take a long time, and was it expensive!

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    posted Sep 16, 2012
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