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MAVALA Deluxe Beauty Pouch

From Switzerland, this waterproof pouch contains all the beauty essentials for your nails, hands and toes. Complete instructions included.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • From Switzerland, this waterproof pouch contains all the beauty essentials for your nails, hands and toes. Complete instructions included.

    SKU: F8415

  • Features
    • Hand Cream - Enrich with collagen and allantoin. Silky smooth without being greasy.
    • Nailactan Nutritive Cream - Adds moisture to brittle nails, stimulates growth, treats cuticles, helps stop nails from breaking.
    • MAVALA Scientifique - World famous nail hardener that hardens nails in seconds, ends peeling and flaking.
    • 002 Base Coat - Holds color on twice as long, ends yellowing, protects nails.
    • Colorfix Top Coat - Hard yet elastic glaze, brilliant shine. Protects against chipping.
    • Cuticle Remover - Softens cuticles. Helps remove overgrown cuticles, ends hang nails.
    • Manicure Implements - The necessary tools for manicures and pedicures.
    • Pedi Pads - Toe separators to help you at pedicure time.
  • About the brand
  • Founded in Switzerland in 1958 by Madeline Van Landeghem (get it?) MAVALA opened its first manicure school in 1969. Best known for hand and nail care, MAVALA concentrates on combining beauty with treatment, offering everything you need to keep you hands looking pretty from cuticle creams to nail polish correctors.

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  • Love It! 5 Star Rating
    This is a handy set of nail products that I love and have purchased in the larger size. This is handy to have at work or when you are on the go.

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    / California
  • Wow, Awesome Products! 5 Star Rating
    After 20 years as a professional manicurist this is the only product that has improved the appearance of my nails. I liked this because it let me try most of the products I would be interested in purchasing. Everything was a winner! I especially liked the Nailactin and the cuticle cream. My natural nails have never looked so healthy. A big thumbs up!

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    / Florida
  • Excellent Gift 5 Star Rating
    I love it because its luxury and inexpensive. I bought it for my friend as a gift.

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    / CA
  • Mavla Nail Products 5 Star Rating
    This is one of the best products I have ever used! My nails are beautiful! The strength of my nails improved 100% with no chipping or peeling. Even without polish, my nails are very strong. It is a great product.

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    / Scottsdale, AZ
  • Love It 5 Star Rating
    I bought this pouch to try the Mavala products es. the Nailactan Nutritive is great. BUT the Colorfix is the product I truly like the most. My nailpolish lasts 2weeks. My 51 year old nails havent looked this good since I was in my 20s.The only product I dont care for is the Cuticle Remover. I soak my hands in warmed olive oil to remove the cuticles.

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    / Edison, NJ
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