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Sorme Always Perfect Brows

Super Savings on this Clearance item! The perfect brows are yours in minutes with this easy-to-use brow kit that contains brow coloring powder, brush and shaping stencils.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • Get super savings on all Clearance items!  Not only is this the lowest price possible, but you can return or exchange it too!  But remember - these items are only available while supplies last.

    SKU: F8461

  • Features
    • Includes brow coloring powder, brow coloring brush and 3 fashion brow stencils (fine, medium, full).
    • Quick and easy.
    • Natural looking and long lasting.
    • Available in 4 brow colors: Dark Smoke, True Blond, Dark Brown and Medium Brown.

    For over 10 years, Sorm� has been blending original beauty wisdom withadvanced technologies from around the world to create the finest cosmeticspossible. The name Sorm� was taken from Kohl, one of the first cosmetics usedin Egypt in the fourth millennium BC. Made famous by Cleopatra, this blacksubstance was used to enhance the eyes or what they believed to be the mirror ofthe soul. Focusing on the eyes and lips, Sorm� introduced the only waterproofand smear proof liner available. Made from a special mold, this recognizablesquare pencil provides a better grip, greater control and long-lasting color.Today Sorm� Cosmetics offers the most complete and finest line of colorformulas from around the world. Incorporating the latest ingredients such asvitamins, alphahydroxy acids, natural botanicals, moisturizing essential oilsand SPF protection, each product provides high quality, versatility and greatlooks.


    Its quick and easy.

    1. Select stencil that matches your brow shape.
    2. Brush brow hair into shape with a brow grooming brush.
    3. Place stencil over the brow.
    4. Apply powder color to brow with coloring brush, moving brush in right to left motions to completely fill in open section of brow stencil.
    5. Remove stencil.
    6. Use a brow brush to blend color in with natural hairs.
    7. Repeat on opposite brow.


    • Brow should begin over eye tear duct.
    • Extra stencil fullness should go on top of brow, not below.
    • Select powder slightly lighter than brow hair for most natural look.
    • Dust off excess powder on coloring brush prior to applying to brow.
    • Begin lightly and layer more color as needed.
    • Wipe stencil with tissue before reusing.

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  • Sorme Lip Gloss 1 Star Rating
    smells terrible , taste terrible , do not waste you money.

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  • Great Service 5 Star Rating
    I ordered my product from folica and it was sent out within a day or so. I was worried when my account wasnt charged and I e-mailed the company. I got an instant reply to my e-mail and was assured that everything was alright my account was chared and with in the next day or so I recieved my order. The service was excellent everyone was nice I would order from this company again.

    Was this review helpful?

    / California
  • Eyebrow Kit 1 Star Rating
    I was extremely disappointed with this purchase. My hair is dark brown, so I ordered the dark brown kit. (I usually purchase other products in dark brown - hair dye, etc. )But the shade I received appears to be more of a medium brown eyeshadow that a dark brown brow shade. The brow brush is also much too wide to be used for brows.I will not purchase from your company again.

    Was this review helpful?

    / Brooklyn, NY
  • Pretty Good, Except For... 4 Star Rating
    I found this product to give me more natural and well-defined brows than I would get from using a brow pencil. However, my only complaint is that having just three sizes of brow stencils makes using it a little tricky, especially if your brows fall in between each of the stencil sizes. However, with a little bit of patience and adjustment of the stencil, you can still come up with pretty nice looking brows.

    Was this review helpful?

    / ID
  • Eyebrows 3 Star Rating
    It was okay, not, particular please with it. It was hard to work and the color did not match my face. I am a blonde and ordered lt. blonde and it looked dark brown. It tried it once and will not purchase it again.

    Was this review helpful?

    / Florida
  • Couldn't Even Use This! 2 Star Rating
    ordered DARK brown and their definition of "dark" is not dark at all! had to give it to my friend with light brown hair. very disappointed.

    Was this review helpful?

    / Ca
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