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HotSpa Nail Bubble Spa with Water Heatup

More than a manicure - the new spa experience for your nails! Relax at home and give your hands some TLC with this heated bubble spa.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • More than a manicure - the new spa experience for your nails! Relax at home and give your hands some TLC with this heated bubble spa. The soothing and relaxing pre-manicure soak will make you feel like you are at a fancy salon, but in the comfort of your own home! The heated water bubbles to soften your cuticles and condition your nails to put them in top condition for a manicure.

    Model#: 61521   /   SKU: F8638

  • Features
    • Stimulating Bubble Massage for a Soothing and Relaxing Pre-Manicure Soak
    • Innovative Manicure Prep to Soften Cuticles and Condition Nails
    • HEATED Micro-bubble water massage for a more soothing and relaxing pre-manicure soak
    • Keeps water warm at a comfortable temperature
    • Ergonomic hand and wrist rest for comfortable relaxation
    • Large water reservoir with easy-to-read fill line easily accommodates most hand sizes
    • Sleek, elegant, compact design to fit all nail stations
    • Lightweight and portable with non-slip feet for convenience - compact fit for all nail stations
    • On / Off control switch
    • Non-slip feet
    • 6-ft. power cord
    • 1 year warranty


    Warnings and Precautions: When not in use, "unplug it." Do not use while bathing. Do not place or store appliance where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink. Do not use near, place in, or drop into water or other liquid. If appliance fall

  • About the brand
  • Create a spa at home with HotSpa spa tools for personal, including foot baths, nail spas and paraffin baths. HotSpa products feature advanced infrared heating technologies to help you relax and take a break at home.

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  • Just A Suggestion 4 Star Rating
    I haven't tried it, but I have a suggestion for the bubble problem. I have to do this for my pedicure spa sometimes, just add a drop of cuticle oil to the water, it "de-sudds" the bowl.

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    / US
  • Loud!! 3 Star Rating
    This unit is loud. It seems that the engine for the bubbling effect creates this noise and there doesnt seem to be anyway to have the unit on while making it quiet. Its kind of like a loud humming. The bubbles do feel nice on the hands. It does heat pretty well, but does take a few minutes to do so.

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    / Maui, Hawaii
  • Hot Spa By Helen Of Troy 3 Star Rating
    My clients really enjoy the bubble jets this Hot Spa generates while soaking their hands. Unfortunately the unit bubbles over the top and you have to scoop the bubbles periodically during their service on the other hand. I have not found a low sudsing soap yet that does not cause this unit to bubble over,, no matter how little soap you put in it. However,, my clients enjoy the massage and dont mind the bubbles. Also,, do not put warm water in the unit to begin with as the unit heats up the water, if you leave the unit running for an extended period of time the water gets really hot. Would suggest contacting Helen of Troy to see if they have a special soap to use with this unit if you have thoughts of purchasing.

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    / Saltsburg, PA
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