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Satin Smooth

Satin Smooth Tea Tree Wax

For use on all skin types. Therapeutic formula with Eucalyptus. Ideal for application to delicate areas.
We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
  • Overview
  • For use on all skin types. Therapeutic formula with Eucalyptus. Ideal for application to delicate areas.

    SKU: R8533

  • Features
    • Made with 100% pure natural essential oils
    • All-purpose wax that can be used on all skin types
    • Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic
    • Calms and repairs sensitive skin
    • Making it ideal for delicate areas


    • Remove plastic lid, slide protective collar onto wax container, place container into warmer.
    • Heat wax until liquified.
    • Cleanse area to be epilated.
    • With wooden spatula, apply a thin layer of wax to skin in direction of hair growth.
    • Place epilating strip over waxed area, smooth firmly in direction of hair growth.
    • Hold skin taut. Pull epilating strip quickly in opposite direction of hair growth, keeping epilating strip close to skin. Do not reapply wax to epilated area.
    • Apply revitalizing lotion to waxed area to help moisturize and close pores.

  • About the brand
  • Imported from Italy, Satin Smooth waxes use a unique blend of beeswaxes, which contains a natural antibiotic called propolis that protects freshly waxed skin. The Satin Smooth collection includes waxes, warmers, lotions and accessories for all skin and hair types. Satin Smooth products are ideal for waxing aficionados or those curious to try.

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  • Very Impressed! 4 Star Rating
    I have tested multiple different types of waxes and I was very impressed with the handling ease of the Satin Smooth Tea Tree Wax. It warmed up very quickly in my portable warmer and the application was smooth and easy to control. I only applied the wax to my legs, so I cant speak to how it handles for Brazilians. I am going to purchase quite a few for future use. Strongly recommend!

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    / Newburgh, IN
  • Great Wax... 5 Star Rating
    I use this wax in my Depiléve warmer and its wonderful. Its recommended for med.-coarse hair, melts quickly, and is not harsh on the skin. Ive used it, so far, on brows and for a Brazillian and I am so impressed. It was so easy to control and worked without a hitch on low and high settings.

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    / TX.
  • I Loved It! 5 Star Rating
    I was a little skeptical after reading the other reviews, but I loved this wax. It was less sticky then the honey wax and it warmed up even quicker. I thought it was much easier to handle.

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  • Satin Smooth 1 Star Rating
    Product is sticky and hard to manage, however this may be due to the mini waxer not being able to get this was hot enough. Even if it did I most likely not purchase it again.

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  • Not Recommended! 2 Star Rating
    I recently tried this variety (Tea Tree) of Satin Smooth wax for the first time and will not do so again. I do not have especially sensitive skin and am allergic to few skin care products, but this product gave me a dreadful (both ichy and unattractive) rash. I would recommend going with a different product just to be on the safe side!

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    / The United States
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